Class of 2010 Shield

“Wisdom through Reflection”

The shield for the class of 2010 depicts the symbols of our Dominican heritage and ideology – the four pillars of study, service, community, and contemplation – offset against an infinite pathway.  The static and unflinching form to the right shows the classic form of the individual caught in a moment of personal thought and deep reflection.

These are times of new hopes, and fears for us as individuals and as a collective body.  Our generation will be bestowed with the challenges and opportunities created by the decisions and actions of modern leadership and society.  As students at Dominican, and as members of the global community, we venture forward down the infinite path and embrace the rigors of academia as well as the experiences that life will soon present to us.

We cannot prepare for what lies ahead of us, for the future is unknown.  However, in filtering our knowledge through the morality of reflection, we will gain the wisdom and insight necessary to help create and serve a stronger community.