Class of 2009 Shield

Service – Leadership – Strength

The armor-clad hand firmly grasping the torch of St. Dominic, symbolizes the unity of the class, as well as the strength of service – one strong hand holding the light and leading the way.  Through service to the campus and the greater community, the class of 2009 will, in remaining true to the ideals of a Dominican education, go forth, as did St. Dominic, and set the world on fire through the ideals of service and servant leadership. The torch is borrowed from the University shield, and it serves to lead and guide the members of the class of 2009 as they continue in their quest to serve.

Of equal importance is the single thick iron chain bordering the shield.  It represents the unbreakable bonds of the class of 2009.  Years from now, when members of this class are scattered around the globe, they will forever be linked by the strong and enduring values of their Dominican experience.  These bonds will not only hold them together as peers, but they will also serve as a lasting and binding connection to the University.