Class of 2007 Shield

“Friendships and traditions light the way.”

Friendships strengthen and unite us, allowing us to appreciate one another and give each other support.  They are an integral part of the college experience, because they give us opportunities to share and understand one another’s viewpoints and beliefs while adding to our own knowledge about the world.  Without friends, we would indeed be at a loss for the comfort and the joy that they bring.

Traditions are the proven ideas and beliefs that are passed on from generation to generation: they are the guiding principles that help us make good decisions and firm choices.  To embrace tradition is to embrace our past and the things that brought us here to the present.  Without the illumination that friendships provide, we cannot see our path to the future.  Therefore, we need both friendships and traditions to light our way.

The pillars on the shield symbolize long-standing tradition.  They are monuments of the past that have been handed down throughout history.  The pillars also represent the four Dominican ideals – study, reflection, community, and service.  The path passing through the pillars represents the journey that all of us are taking. The two hands holding each other in the center of the pillars symbolize the bond of friendship and the trust that is shared between friends.  Emanating from the two hands is the light of truth – as envisioned by St. Dominic – that helps to guide us along the way.