Class of 2006 Shield

Diversitas Et Unitas – Vires Perpetuas “In Diversity and Unity We are Forever Strong”

The shield of the class of 2006 depicts a stained glass window against an infinite background. The glass, with its many shapes and colors, represents the vast diversity of our class, while the sun, with its brilliant rays of light, represents the unity that binds us together.  Without the light of the sun, the infinite colors of the stained glass window cannot be seen, and without the window, the sun cannot create a full spectrum of color and light.

The class of 2006 is captured in the stained glass window.  The diversity of our cultural backgrounds, our different homelands, and our individual and distinct values make up the many colors and shapes that are depicted in this shield.  The brilliant sun represents the unifying values of the Dominican experience, and as it shines upon us, it creates a brilliant and strong spectrum of color that strengthens the bonds between us.