Class of 2005 Shield

Arbor Robusta Ad Lucem Vertet

“A strong tree turns to the light.” This is the concept by which our class has grown.  Light is energy for growth, a natural necessity for all living plants and animals.  Metaphorically, light symbolizes clarity, strength, wisdom, and direction.

The images of this shield represent the idea that out of darkness, there is a light to follow.  The four stages of a tree growing tall symbolize a freshman moving through their four years, closer to their goals, closer to the clarity and wisdom that comes with education.  The shadows cast by the tree are important, because never do we face complete lightness without also understanding darkness. 

The left side of the shield shows a dark sky with one star shining boldly.  This star is not overcome by the darkness that surrounds it – instead its brightness is enhanced by all that is dark.

The prism in the middle of the shield represents reflection. Reflection offers new perspectives and helps people grow. It is by the process of reflecting that light is magnified, and spread in all directions. The prism can symbolize a hope that light well breed light, we will not be overcome by darkness.

These are times of new beginnings, moving from a current day of darkness into a new dawn, not to forget the place we have come from, but to form a new beginning with strong and wise direction.