Dominican Brand Guidelines

Information, guidelines, and resources for using Dominican University of California logos and other brand elements will be posted as materials are developed.

Marketing Project Requests

To request a marketing project, please fill out the Marketing Project Request Form. Your project request will be reviewed and someone from our marketing team will contact you. Please allow at least two weeks for projects.

The University Logo


Placing the logo

When placing the logo in printed or electronic communications, it is important to maintain sufficient “white space” around the image so that it will stand out and be noticed. Use a space equivalent to the width of the logomark around the logo on every side whenever possible. This area should remain free of other visual elements or page trim. Logo size should be a minimum of 1” wide.

Size and proportion

When creating print or electronic communications, please do not scan the visual identity art from printouts or other publications. Only use electronic art files. If you need to resize an electronic file, do not stretch or disproportionately adjust the art file.

Download Dominican logos.



Horizontal Wordmark

The horizontal wordmark is comprised of the words “Dominican University of California” and is set in the serif typeface Weiss, which is both easy to read and distinguished in appearance. This is not a common usage and should only be used when space is an issue. Usage of this wordmark should be approved by the Marketing Department.

Dominican wordmark



Acceptable background colors used with the white, yellow, and blue logo

Dominican Logo Backgrounds



Color Palette

Light Blue

Pantone 312 C
Hex: 00a6ce

Dark Blue

(Web use only)


Pantone Yellow C
Hex: ffdd00 


Pantone 2026 C
Hex: ff4c00 


Pantone 219 C
Hex: e11282 


Pantone 369 C
Hex: 62a60a


Dominican Fonts

Dominican Branded Templates

Letterhead Templates (Word Documents)