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Get Involved on Campus

Run for a spot on the ASDU Senate! Become a mentor and leader for freshmen at Orientation! Volunteer to help run programming with ASDU! Join a club or start one! These are all great ways to become involved on campus. We think it's important to not only excel in the classroom but also outside of the classroom doing a variety of extracurricular activities available to all students.

ASDU Fall 2014 Elections

We are holding ASDU Elections September 16 & 17 for the academic year 2014-2015. Voting will be online; you will be sent an electronic ballot the day of elections.  

Open Positions on ASDU:

  • Freshmen Representative (2): Must have freshmen status for the entire academic year.
  • Athletics Liaison (1): Must have experience with being an athlete at Dominican (does not need to be current student athlete).


Please read the campaign statements of the candidates running in this year's ASDU Election:

ASDU Freshmen Class Representative Campaign Statement

Slate “Asian Persuasian” Campaign Statement

Hey Class of 2018!

We, Makayla Roque and Tina Huynh, would love to be the Freshman Representatives for our class this year! We ensure that we’ll be able to make our freshman year a memorable one and that we will be a positive impact and friend to the class of 2018. While being a leader who is constantly involved, we have always had a concern for our school’s well-being and community. Both Makayla and I strongly believe that a sense of community is key for a successful four years together. Being involved gives us a sense of fulfillment that we want to be able to experience and share with our fellow classmates all throughout college. We are both people who embrace our uniqueness and are willing to share our experiences and leadership abilities to the university.

Slate “Thee Dream Team” Campaign Statement

I’m Evonji Summers and I am running for Freshman Representative to help the class of 2018 to have an exciting and fun year. As your freshman rep, I want to have fun and keep all the freshmen happy. The freshman class will be excited to attend the events because they will be fun. We will take advantage of this hot weather and possibly have multiple water balloon fights, pie eating contests, and even more games on the green. If you do know who I am, you know that I am happy person and all about fun. Fun for everyone. If you even just want to hang out on a weekend without a big event, I will be there to go out to eat or even just talk to you. As your representative, I work for you, my freshmen class. Not only with me, I am running with Sophia Ramos. We together are Thee Dream Team and we will make your dreams come true. We are here for you to have fun, to be supported, and to stay together.


ASDU Athletic Liaison Campaign Statement

Hello, my name is Aaron Ruth and I am running for the position of ASDU Athletic Liaison. I am a freshman here at Dominican, and I couldn’t be happier now that I am a Penguin! I have always been the type of person to believe that it is crucial to have new opportunities and to experience new things. Therefore, I knew that I had to immediately look for ways to get involved on campus. After asking around for advice, I ultimately decided that ASDU Athletic Liaison was the best job for me.

What Drives Me

I really enjoy having the feeling of self-satisfaction that can only come from servicing others. If elected, I will work tirelessly to make sure that Dominican can supply what the student’s demand, with regards to what I can control by being Athletic Liaison. I am extremely anxious to begin helping out my peers, and get work done!

Sports Have Always Played A Big Role In My Life

With all that being said, I also believe I am a good fit for this position due to my athletic credibility. I have been playing sports all my life, and I am currently a member of the Men’s Soccer team here at DU. I enjoy watching and competing in just about every sport there is. Finally, with my passion to serve others, I will do everything I can to better the experiences of my peers, whether it be through athletics or not.


Opportunities to Get Involved

  • Join Associated Students of Dominican University, the student government, and help set policies for the year and plan campus-wide activities.
  • Become a volunteer at one of the many campus events held by ASDU, clubs, or the faculty and staff of Dominican
  • Start or join a club! We have several clubs on campus and they all provide guidance, a support network, resources and a sense of belonging. They promote unity and diversity on campus and all students are welcome to join.
  • Play a club sport! Sign up for an intramurals volleyball team or a ping pong tournament. Do some yoga to destress and get some exercise.


Don't see anything you like?

Don't have time to be a part of ASDU but still want to help out every now and then? Want to still be involved and know what's happening but can't commit to coming to regular meetings? You can volunteer with ASDU to plan events and spread the word about what's happening on campus. If you want to get involved but don't know how, talk to Lauren about other opportunities available to you. Please contact the Director of Student Activities and Leadership, Lauren Castro, at 415-485-3282 or

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