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X-Press is where anyone can come and learn, not only about others and their emotions, but about themselves. This club will make a positive change on campus and within the community. Our cause is to defeat depression and to allow others to “X-Press” themselves in multiple ways with a group of individuals that both respect their confidentiality and encourage their growth.


Our mission is to help one campus at a time. To accomplish this, we must first look within ourselves. First, we start by finding the light and love within ourselves, as well as how to not “cope” with depression; then we transition to looking at ourselves from the outside.

X-Press intends on spreading awareness throughout the community, by attending nearby colleges and high schools, educating them on how to recognize depression and show them some techniques on how to release themselves or others from depression’s grip.  

We chose the name “X-Press,” because we wanted to show that we are physically mentoring others and ourselves to withdraw depression from our lives and replace it with what makes us truly happy. Bullying is another detrimental topic that X-Press wants to conquer. We want to educate our fellow students on how bullying of any kind can be damaging to that individual. Our thought is by discussing the effects of bullying with younger generations; together we may combat future bullying from happening. (Bullying is a major factor in developing depression.) We want to help our members to recognize signs and symptoms of depression, bullying, and suicide.



  • X-Men themed social
  • Benefits concerts & fairs
  • Expert informational speakers
  • Field trips to local schools & community centers
  • Mission trips



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