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Armored Penguins Full-Contact Belegarth Club is working to bring safe full contact medieval fighting to Dominican University and Marin. As part of Belegarth, a national organization, we encourage good sportsmanship and camaraderie, striving to help students broaden their horizons. Armored Penguins will offer a safe and free way for students to relieve stress and get a good workout, while meeting new people. Our goal is to build a strong group that will attend national events and introduce Marin County to the wonders that are Belegarth and full contact foam fighting. In the near future we would like to host a yearly event that will bring people around the area and as far as Oregon and southern California to compete and learn. We would also like to create loaner gear and a banner that will be used by members who travel to events. Armored Penguins will open to all members of the community, faculty and staff. Signed legal waivers will be required for all participants to ensure that no legal action is taken against members of Armored Penguins or Dominican University.


Armored Penguins meet on Sundays from 1-6pm on the Library Lawn.


Matteo Kraftsow, Realm Leader (President), at

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