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Latinos Unidos

Latinos Unidos is a collaboration of students that have come together to raise awareness of the Latino culture and of social issues that affect the Latino community by commemorating Latino holidays, celebrations and present issues locally and globally.


Education is very important to us and through community service we will support and motivate students to achieve a higher education. We welcome Dominican students to exchange the knowledge of our diverse Latino roots with their knowledge of their heritages. We are open to all cultures and anticipate participation from different ethnic backgrounds to unite and appreciate cultural diversity on campus.


  • Volunteer at the Latino Film Festival
  • Mentor Program at Canal Alliance
  • Dance Socials
  • Movie Nights (to increase awareness of social issues)
  • Posada (potluck)
  • Conference on AB 540 (undocumented students trying to achieve higher education)



    Jessica Hernandez: or keep in touch through our Latinos Unidos Facebook page.

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