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The Dominican Business Association (DUCBA) is a global association of alumni, students, parents, friends and faculty from all academic disciplines who are engaged in business activities. Housed within the School of Business and Leadership, DUCBA is a forum for members to learn, connect, and network and to support fellow members, the University, and the wider community.

Chief Objectives

  • To support the continued professional interests of undergraduate and graduate alumni, students, parents and friends affiliated with the School of Business and Leadership and the University as a whole.
  • To provide an inclusive organization whereby members can stay connected with other members through networking, education, and service-related events.
  • To promote Dominican University of California as a resource for the business community through programs such as: business research and analysis, student recruitment, career placement, and professional expertise and advocacy.


Dominican gains from the involvement and support of its business community.  DUCBA members, in turn, gain from a heightened awareness of the vibrant extended university community whose reputation affects their own; they also benefit from networking and the opportunity to serve the institution that serves them.


  • To improve and strengthen Dominican University of California by creating opportunities of interdisciplinary engagement among diverse business professionals through resources provided by the University’s School of Business and Leadership and its Office of Alumni Relations. 
  • To provide an inclusive organization for networking and professional development.



  • Create a DUCBA charter; establish specific goals, objectives and organizational structure
  • Plan and promote signature DUCBA events; networking and social gatherings
  • Promote the interests and welfare of Dominican University of California; encourage DUCBA participation in community activities; encourage qualified people to attend Dominican
  • Plan and host entrepreneurial finance-style discussions targeting members with businesses at various levels of development (start-up, angel funded, VC funded, Private Equity, IPO, publicly traded).



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