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New Student Orientation

DATES: Wednesday, August 20th - Saturday, August 23rd

View a detailed schedule and newsletter for Orientation 2014.

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ORIENTATION IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE, AND AS SUCH, ALL FIRST YEAR STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ENTIRE PROGRAM. New transfer students, though not required, are invited to participate in the transfer student orientation groups/programs held concurrently during this time.

Orientation is designed to help you get to know your fellow students, become more familiar with the campus, learn about Dominican history and tradition, and most importantly...have a great start to your college experience. There will be sessions where we take care of the "business" of being a student, and there will also be sessions where we let you all have fun with one another...and there will be a few surprises thrown into the mix as well! 


New resident student move-in day is Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Learn about the check-in process for new students, as well as a complete listing of what you will need to bring with you.

Moving into your room on campus is a time of excitement and nervousness for some people. While it is great to have the help of family members in unloading and hauling boxes, the arrangement and set-up of the room is something that should be done when all the roommates are present and families and friends have departed. It takes some adjustment in learning to live with a roommate, and the first step in this adjustment process is to discuss and plan the layout of the room. Working collaboratively in arranging and setting-up your room will help tremendously in opening lines of communication.

There will be over 300 new students moving to campus on this day—which means there will be A LOT of people moving about the residence halls. In order for the move-in process to be as smooth as possible for our new students, we ask that you please consider the following requests:

  • Please follow the directions provided to you, as well as the requests of staff members. We know you are excited to move into your room, and the staff is here to help you do so as quickly as possible.
  • Please limit yourselves to one vehicle per student. are moving into a room you will be sharing with 1-2 other people. If all students bring too much stuff, your room will be very crowded. 
  • There will be plenty of time for students and roommates to play with the layout of their rooms - don't stress too much about setting things up when you first arrive. We can promise you that your room will get reorganized many times in the first few weeks!
  • Although this is an exciting time for families, we ask that you limit the number of family members and friends who come to help move-in. With hundreds of people on campus that day, it will be crowded...and quite busy! Instead of bringing everyone to campus on such a hectic day, families should plan on attending the Family Weekend Celebration in early October. Details about that event will be sent out after the start of classes.

Dominican Penguin Pass (ID Card)

Students MUST get their Penguin Pass on move-in day. This card, in addition to serving as your student ID, is used at Caleruega Hall for meals and also unlocks exterior doors of the residence halls and other buildings on campus. Students are required to carry their Penguin Pass with them at all times on campus. Remember to bring Identification (Driver's License, State ID) with you when you go to get your Penguin Pass. 

The Information Technology (IT) Department  will be distributing passes—their office is in the Library on the ground floor (entrance under the main staircase).

Food Service

Caleruega is the main dining hall of the university; it offers a variety of dining options, from a choice of sustainable local farm fresh foods, vegan and vegetarian options, and Thursday’s Ice Cream Day! Don't forget to swipe your Penguin Pass when you enter. Hours of operation are posted at the main entrance.

Chilly’s Café, in the corner of the Shield Room in Caleruega, is open during the academic year and closes during the winter break and summer break. The chefs prepare a daily variety of pre-made sandwiches and salads, also available are chips, pastries, cereals, and cookies. The café offers a full selection of coffee and espresso drinks, smoothies, and ice cream treats. The Café is a great place to relax, meet friends, or just escape the pressure of college.



The main parking lot for Dominican University is located off Grand Avenue at Acacia Avenue in the Conlan Recreation Center parking lot. Parking in this lot is not restricted and is free of charge. The lot is lighted for nighttime use. 

Campus Security patrols the lot at regular intervals, and personal escorts from campus buildings to the lot are available by calling Campus Security at 415-269-6070. Escorts can also be arranged in advance. Limited parking is also available on Magnolia Avenue near the Library and Caleruega Hall. Acacia Avenue is reserved for faculty and staff with special permits – please be sure to check all posted signs. 

Please remember that Dominican is located in a residential neighborhood of San Rafael. Students are responsible for obeying speed limits, following directions on traffic and parking signs, and for parking in legal parking spaces only. Vehicles parked out of compliance will be tagged with a red violation sticker AND/OR TOWED at the vehicle owner’s expense. 

Students may not park in front of neighborhood homes on Palm and Olive Avenues and under no circumstance should they block access to a neighbor’s driveway or home.  Students speeding on neighborhood streets or elsewhere on campus will be fined and/or prosecuted. The proper signage is posted at designated areas on University property for parking guidelines. It is the responsibility of the person parking their vehicle to read and follow the instructions of the signage posted.

Residence hall parking is strictly regulated and enforced. Parking spaces with numbers painted in the space or on the curb-stop are reserved for residence students only. Cars parked in any of these spaces will have specialized resident parking permits indicating the numbered space in which they are allowed to park. Cars illegally parked in any residence hall space will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Resident students with parking (continuing students and new transfer students) will have a permit visibly posted in their front window  - driver's side, lower corner. These vehicles should ONLY be parked in residence hall spaces. Resident students with parking decals parked elsewhere on campus are essentially taking up two spaces and will be cited if not parked in their designated space in the residence hall lots. 

Parking is not permitted in the following areas:

  • At a red curb
  • At a loading zone or yellow curb
  • In handicapped parking spaces without displaying proper license or placard
  • In a driveway, fire lane, or in front of a fire hydrant
  • In a pedestrian walkway or path
  • On a lawn
  • On any landscaped area
  • On any other no parking designated area

All vehicles parked in violation of the campus parking regulations will be towed at owner’s expense. The average cost of towing is in excess of $300, plus vehicle storage charges. Please work with the University to provide a safe and secure campus by respecting parking restrictions and parking in the Forest Meadows lot to help maintain our beautiful environment.

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