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OUTREACH: Service and Justice Opportunities

Outreach is the means for students to reach out to others in community service projects. Students organize the trips to various community agencies during the year.

Specific OUTREACH opportunities include:

Nets for Nets-Ugandan Bednet Program

Dominican University has developed a relationship with St. Matia's Parish in Kigandi, Uganda. As part of our "sister institution" program, Dominican students are continuing to help send bednets to the parish's clinic to help stop the spread of malaria. For $10 a bednet, a person in Africa receives a  bednet to use-and to save a life.

For information, contact Fr. Bob Haberman

St. Vincent Dining Room

Feeding the poor of our community

St. Vincent's Dining Room is located in downtown San Rafael, providing needy members of our community with meals and other necessities of life. The Dining Room is operated through the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marin County. Students work at St. Vincent's according to their own schedule and times requested by the Dining Room. There is an orientation program required of all new volunteers. Students carpool from the Campus Ministry Office.

Orientation Meetings:  First Monday of the Month, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Contact:  Sr. Christina Atienza, OP

Homeward Bound

HWB logo.jpgProviding shelter, job training for the homeless and support for families

Volunteers are needed for childcare each week.  Homework, games, art projects are ways you can make a difference in a homeless child's life.  Check the schedule of time slots in the Campus Ministry office, contacting Sr. Christina at 415.257.0142 or at Sr. Christina Atienza, OP for details.

Visiting the Retired Sisters at Lourdes Convent

Sign up to bring joy and engagement to the retired Dominican Sisters at Lourdes Convent, the retirement/care center for the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael.  Located across the street from Bertrand Hall, Lourdes residents love to have students visit to play, pray, read, walk and visit. They also tell great stories of Dominican's history. For more information contact: Lianni Castro

Mentoring Opportunity - Help High School Students Go to College

Become a College and Financial Aid Mentor! 10,000 Degrees is looking for potential mentors who have the desire to assist high school students with the college and financial aid process. Mentors will be partnered with the graduates of our 2013 Summer Application Institute, a program that assists first generation high school juniors and seniors from low-income families by providing them with guidance and information regarding the college and financial aid process. Mentors are critical in providing the necessary support and guidance to our students during their final years of high school. 10,000 Degrees will provide training and support for mentors and will be available to provide on-going assistance as needed. The length of the program runs from May 2013 through May 2014 with November through February being the busiest months. Qualifications: *Interest in working one-on-one with a high school student and engaging in a yearlong relationship during the student's junior or senior year in high school. *Have a college degree (AA, BA/S or advanced degree) or be working towards a degree. *Embrace the mission, values and goals of 10,000 Degrees. For more information, please contact Graunya Holsen at 415.451.4018 or

Campus Challenge--White House Interfaith Initiative

Each semester, Campus Ministry, in cooperation with the volunteer center of Marin, plans and participates in a community day of service.  Sites range from beach clean-up to wetlands restoration and sorting of food at a local food bank.

For more information contact Lianni Castro

Other Volunteer Opportunities


Community Volunteer Opportunities

More than 60% of students participate in volunteer opportunities. Sponsored in conjunction with ASDU (Student Government) and Student Activities, the following is a partial list of areas where students can become involved. Contact the Campus Ministry Office for further information on the following:

  • Working with the elderly
  • Adopt a Family at Christmas
  • La Bamba Collections
  • Ritter House
  • Cedars of Marin

For more information, contact:  Fr. Bob Haberman


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