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Engaged Learning Opportunities: National & International

El Salvador--January, 2015

This Engaged Immersion Experience would provide 11 students an understanding of the history, culture and present political and social issues of El Salvador. In experiencing a cultural immersion, participating in reflection and dialogue and encountering the poor and marginalized of El Salvador, participants will begin to understand the realities of El Salvador. Anticipated learning outcomes would include a deeper understanding of aforementioned themes as well as a respect for the Salvadoran people and culture and the challenge to respond as citizens of a global community.
This unique Immersion Experience includes two nights of home-stays, visits to Martyr sites and other historically significant sites, meetings with grassroots organization, rural communities as well as speakers on history, politics, economics, women's issues and realities of life in El Salvador.

Please note:  A valid Passport is necessary for entry into El Salvador and on the return trip into the United States.

El Salvador Flyer:  El Salvador Flyer

Application FormEl Salvador Application Form  DUE Friday, SEPT. 26, 5:00 P.M.

La Bamba Trip to Mexico--March 10-14, 2015

LaBamba2.jpgLa Bamba is an annual (spring) trip to Tijuana, Mexico. Its purpose is to offer students an opportunity to volunteer their time, talent and heart in the colonias of Tijuana.  Tasks vary from shelter construction and repair, cooking and serving food, visiting local jails and orphanages to playing with children. La Bamba is a chance to make friends, learn about issues facing people around the third world, and work side by side with others to improve lives. Most of all, it is a chance to open our hearts and minds to the beauty of diverse people and cultures, and to begin to ask ourselves why there is inequality and what we can do to alleviate it.  Students are encouraged to question and challenge injustice, to unravel stereotypes about hunger, poverty and inequities in the world.

Some students report: "It was the best week I've ever had. I thought we would travel to Mexico and feel sorry for them. I felt sorry for us." Another student wrote: "All the material things I was beginning to think were important now seem meaningless in this small colonia. I really feel God through my love for these people."

LaBamba4.jpgWhat will we do on these projects in Mexico? Nothing glamorous. We choose to work alongside the Mexicans helping in whatever way we can, usually with a project that will provide better housing, a better life situation, or a better moment for someone in need.  Through some simple work, there is a great opportunity to develop better understanding, love and mutual appreciation for both American and Mexicans. Students who expose themselves to this Third World culture find themselves stretched as they work, play, worship and live with the people in the colonias. People return deeply challenged with their personal view toward materialism, their walk with God, and a world view.  

LaBamba5.jpgPLEASE NOTE:  Due to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, a valid passport or passport card will be necessary for reentry into the United States from Mexico.  For more information and procedures to obtain either document, please go to: HomeLand Security Travel Information

Contact Information:  Fr. Bob Haberman. 415-485-3207 Fr. Bob Haberman

Yakama, Washington—Habitat for Humanity-March 7-14, 2015


Join Dominican students over spring break working with Habitat for Humanity to build a new home in a needy area of Spokane, working with the family who will eventually live in the home..  Students will join with other college and university groups in providing the "people power" to construct housing.  For more information, contact: Lianni Castro

Caritas Creek-March 9-13, 2015

Caritas Creek Emblem.jpg

Caritas Creek's mission is to help young people discover the connection between all living things; to build bridges between diverse soci-economic and ethnic groups; and to foster in youth a deeper connection to the natural environment, to self, to the spirit of love, and to community.  Volunteers from Dominican would act as a Cabin Leader for 8-10 Junior High students, as well as participating in hiking, campfires, and community building.  For more information, contact: Lianni Castro.


caritas group

Uganda-May, June, 2016

Campus Ministry has developed a relationship with the Catholic parish and school of St. Matia's in Mitiama, Uganda.  Over the past four years, Campus Ministry and the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael have worked to help bring a school food program, clean water tanks and purification systems, and educational opportunities (Kindle in the schools) for the people of the area.  Faculty and students will again visit and live with the villagers after the academic term of 2016.  For more information, contact Lianni Castro.


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