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A collection of personal memories about Meadowlands Hall submitted by Dominican alumni, faculty and staff.
If you have a personal story or memory about Meadowlands Hall, click here if you would like it added to this collection.
It was the night before the semester ended in 1960 and we were oh so bad! Finals were nearly over and the tension finally exploded.  We Meadowlands freshmen grew wild as the evening progressed and we blatantly disobeyed our bedtime (was it 11:00 pm?).

We gradually migrated to Ann Williams’ and Mary Bradley's room upstairs in the front of the house.  (I think it was larger than most of ours.)
We were loud and unruly and silly and had loads of fun being (for those days) BAD.  One of the nuns poked her head in sometime around midnight and was wise enough to do little more than tell us to keep it down.  I don't remember much else, except I know I felt wicked. 
 - Patricia Rennie Dahl, Class of 1961

I loved Meadowlands.  We had History with Dr. Dill in the downstairs assembly room.  My father came to pick me up one evening, and after walking to the car from the living room, told my Mother: "The room is full of girls smoking and playing cards. Where have we sent our daughter!" 
 - Kay Conklin, Class of 1963

I am 67 and still wear my class ring. I cannot begin to describe how my Dominican experience from 1975 through 1980 moved me to a new attitude, academically and socially.  I learned the importance of diversity, tolerance, and understanding. 
 - Carolyn Robinson, Class of 1964

I have enjoyed an incredibly successful career and attribute that success to my years at Dominican. I cannot begin to thank those who dedicated their time to my unexpected success. I refer to the personal attention to the tutoring offered to me in subjects that were required for me take the walk in June of 1980. Sister Anita, may you rest well.
Michael Morarity, Class of 1979

Meadow lands holds so many strong memories. It was on the outside veranda our class held the first ever family/friends reception after our graduation ceremony. I recall playing the piano in the foyer, creating friendship and laughter with classmates in the "wicker room", staring from my dorm window after a strong storm, and witnessing the "rushing" stream in the near distance. I am so very grateful for these memories. 
 - Paul Salazar, Class of 1980

I was friends with an upperclassman who lived in Meadowlands (I was in Fanjeaux).  I went to her room with her one day after class and I'll always remember she had a poem she had handwritten in large letters hanging above her bed. 
 - Karen McHenry, Class of 1981

The best years of my young adult life. It was the first time I really felt at heart and soul that I was where I was supposed to be and doing what I was supposed to do. It was also the first time that I really felt and understood underneath my skin the sense of community, no more no less.

It was also when I first fell in love as a young adult with a beautiful woman - who shared the same floor in Meadowlands. I remember everything. My room number, my roommate, her room number of course, the Hunt Room, the Pink Room, the kitchen, the bats upstairs, way up, but we'd go up there anyway, despite the creaking old but reliable wooden stairs (so many of us remember those, went there, and loved them). Then there was the basement, with its easy- to-cheat old cigarette dispenser.

 And the Round Room, first floor up the main stairs to your left! I'm sure that whoever is there today will give you a warm welcome, like the one I received when I just arrived in late Aug. 1984.

I remember and must mention that we also shared our home with Sister Aquinas, O.P., who also had a room there yet never "bothered" us despite our parties.  I'm convinced today that we bothered this lovely neighbor and creator of our community almost every night. I miss the tree in front of my Home. 
 - Xavier Mur, Class of 1988

As the ASDU: Community Outreach Director, I was in charge of creating a haunted house for the Dominican Students and Community.  During the long month of October, many students contributed to creating a scary yet fun Haunted House.  I remember seeing the community building and ownership students exhibited when designing and creating the Haunted House. I will never forget this experience and will cherish this memory. Meadowlands is such a beautiful building on Dominican's campus. 
 David Ramirez, Class of 2009

If you have a personal story or memory about Meadowlands Hall, click here if you would like it added to this collection.

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