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On November 14th, 2012, President Mary B. Marcy announced an $8 million-plus gift from University Trustee Rolf Lewis and family. The gift has enabled the University to embark on a major renovation to transform Meadowlands Hall into a state-of-the-art academic facility.



Valerie and Rolf Lewis inside Meadowlands Hall, September, 2013.



Third floor, Meadowlands Hall, September, 2013.  Image by JOY PHOENIX



Meadowlands Hall former attic, September, 2013.  Image by JOY PHOENIX



Preserving floor-length windows, Meadowlands, September, 2013.  Image by JOY PHOENIX



Artist rendering of new clinical simulation laboratory.



Artist rendering of new experimental research lab.



Preserving stained glass window in Meadowlands, September, 2013.  Image by, JOY PHOENIX



View from Meadowlands Hall.  Image by, JOY PHOENIX



In 1918, San Francisco Chronicle founder Michael H. de Young sold his summer home to the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael for a mere ten dollars, making Meadowlands Hall Dominican’s first significant gift.

For nearly 100 years, Meadowlands answered some of Dominican’s most pressing needs, first a dormitory then expanding to include an assembly hall, conference rooms, and academic offices. This beloved building has served as home to generations of students and as a venue for countless campus events and celebrations.

It is only fitting that Meadowlands is the focus of another transformative gift – and one that again draws from the past to meet a future need.

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