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Application and Job Description

Our Ambassadors engage in recruiting activities such as contacting prospective students and organizing campus tours. Often times, as prospective students' initial contact with the university, they represent the university and are pivotal members of our admissions team. Ambassadors are also involved with on-campus events as well as volunteer efforts in the community.



Interested in joining the program? To be considered for our selective program, candidates must be enrolled and in good academic standing at Dominican University of California, and must submit both the application and recommendation form that are provided below no later than Friday, August 1st, 2014. Completed applications should be submitted to the Office of Admissions attention: Ambassador Program. If you have any questions about the application, please contact Joshua McCay at 415.257.1370 or Competitive applicants will be asked to a face-to-face interview, after which selected candidates will be notified.



The Student Ambassador application and recommendation form for the 2014-2015 academic year is available here.

2014 Ambassador Application (PDF)

    Program Schedule

    The Dominican University Ambassador program runs the entire academic year from the first day of classes through the end of finals.



    • calling prospective students
    • giving campus tours to students and their families
    • assisting with Campus Visit Days
    • assisting with Admitted Student Open Houses
    • assisting with the WACAC College Fair in the Spring semester

    Ambassadors can schedule their hours for calling between 6:00 to 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday. Campus tours are scheduled at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm Monday through Friday. 



    • engaging in frequent written and verbal communication with prospective students
    • phone calls on weekday evenings (Monday through Thursday)
    • conducting scheduled tours each week
    • assisting with campus events
    • participating in community service projects 
    • setup and implementation of our Spring WACAC College Fair
    • occasional clerical duties
    • training future Student Ambassadors
    • answering questions
    • referring questions to appropriate admissions counselors or departments
    • responding to inquiries sent to the admissions email account
    • ensuring the accuracy of information being put forth on behalf of the university


    Community Service

    Our Student Ambassador Program continues to evolve and improve. One recent feature of the Program is it's community service component. Community service has been added to promote outreach and extend the effects of the program to the community at large. Projects are scheduled about once a month, typically on Saturdays. Applicants should be prepared to participate up to eight hours of local community service per semester. The goal of our community service effort is to forge and maintain partnerships between Dominican and organizations in the Bay Area.


    Training sessions are held on the weekend following the first week of classes. The first session is on Saturday, 9:00-4:00. The second session is on Sunday, 9:00-12:00. Attendance for both training sessions and the first project are mandatory. Attendees will receive a letter during the summer regarding the retreat itinerary, location, and other program details.


    Qualifications and selection criteria

    To be selected as a Student Ambassador at Dominican is an honor and an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. Students who are selected as Ambassadors possess:

    • strong interpersonal skills
    • leadership qualities
    • a genuine interest in meeting new people
    • a sense of school spirit and pride

    Ambassadors should be prepared to answer questions regarding:

    • housing
    • financial aid
    • the application process
    • admissions
    • student
    • history
    • organizations
    • campus life
    • events


    A Student Ambassador should also be: 

    • a problem solver
    • a team player
    • motivated
    • involved
    • adaptable
    • confident
    • respectful
    • enthusiastic
    • responsible
    • dependable
    • punctual
    • dedicated
    • communicative
    • outgoing
    • friendly
    • eager to learn



    Ambassadors will have flexible work hours and will be paid starting at $10/hr. Applicants for the Student Ambassador position must be able to attend both training workshops, scheduled interview sessions, and monthly staff meetings. Applicants must also be available for Saturday Dominican programs and community service projects.

    Student Ambassador benefits include:

    • interacting with university administrators, faculty, and staff
    • gaining important interpersonal skills and professional experiences
    • networking opportunities
    • gaining valuable knowledge of Dominican, San Rafael, recruitment, and events
    • acquiring leadership skills
    • augmenting your resume
    • making new friends
    • building self-confidence
    • working with peers in a positive, friendly environment

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