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MA in Humanities

Earn your Masters in Humanities at Dominican University of California and don’t just get a degree… get an education.



About Our Masters in Humanities Program

The Master of Arts in Humanities at Dominican is a world-class humanities program recognized for its rigorous, dynamic and intellectually challenging liberal arts curriculum. The program is structured to provide students with life and career enrichment, cultural understanding, and opportunities for personal advancement.

Dominican University’s Masters in Humanities program is an interdisciplinary program infusing subjects like art history, history, literature, music, philosophy, political theory, religion and more throughout the curriculum for a comprehensive education designed to prepare students in academic research, critical thinking, and scholarly writing.

MA in Humanities Program Faculty

Our Humanities program faculty includes nationally recognized researchers and professionals who work as educators, advisors, and mentors to our graduate students. Our distinguished faculty has a long history of working with busy students of all ages and backgrounds determined to earn their Masters in Humanities degree.

MA in Humanities Program Highlights 

  • Convenient location in San Rafael, California, 12 miles north of San Francisco
  • 30, 33, and 38 unit tracks (discipline-specific)
  • Flexible evening Humanities seminars and part-time options that accommodate students balancing professional, family and academic responsibilities
  • Individually tailored coursework that allows students to pursue their academic passions and interests in the liberal arts
  • Variety of disciplines to choose from including: Creative Writing, Art History, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Theory, Religion, and Women and Gender Studies
  • Internship and teacher assistant credits available
  • Collaborative academic environment recognized for its collegiality, camaraderie and cooperation between students and faculty
  • Professional relationships with Humanities faculty members who serve as advisors, mentors, and instructors


Choosing a graduate Humanities or Liberal Arts program that is right for you can be a challenge. Dominican’s MA in Humanities program prides itself on connecting graduate students to the curriculum, resources, and mentorship they need to be successful. Students in our MA in Humanities program have gone on to become published professional writers, musicians, graduate students, artists, professors and more.

    MA in Humanities Program Emphasis Options

    While Dominican’s MA in Humanities program promotes a comprehensive education that spans a deep breadth of liberal art disciplines, students with a particular academic interest can choose to emphasize in a specific research area. Students may choose to emphasize in:
    • Art History
    • English
    • Music
    • Philosophy
    • Political Theory
    • Religion
    • Creative Writing*
    • Women and Gender Studies
    • Applied Music*

      *Contact the Graduate Admissions Counselor for specific admission requirements

      An emphasis is planned with Dominican’s expert academic advisors and allows students to concentrate a portion of their graduate work within a specific area.

      MA in Humanities Admission Requirements

      Dominican’s University’s MA in Humanities program can be taken on a part-time or full-time basis. Program requirements are included in the PDF below:

      MA in Humanities Admission Requirements

      MA in Humanities Admission Counselors are also available to clarify admission requirements and share further information on the program. Please feel free to contact Ryan Purtill at to discuss the MA in Humanities program in greater detail.

      Learn More about Our Masters of Arts Arete Award

      Candidates of Dominican University's Graduate Humanities Program are encouraged to apply for the Arete Award.  The scholarship is designed to assist academically-strong students, who are passionate about the Humanities and demonstrate financial need, afford a premiere graduate education.

      You can learn more about this scholarship here.

      The application for the Arete Award can be found here.

      Learn More about Our Masters of Arts in Humanities Program

      Our dedicated team of Graduate Admissions Counselors and Advisors is waiting to discuss how Dominican University can help you obtain your Masters in Humanities. Take the first step towards completing your graduate Humanities degree by selecting any of our options below:


        Curious to find out what alums of the MA in Humanities program are doing now? See Keri Shurtliff's video. As a graduate of the Master of Arts in Humanities program at Dominican, Keri was invited to speak at the Graduate Liberal Studies Symposium at the University of Southern California.


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