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Voices from Abroad features Dominican students who are currently studying or have recently come back from studying abroad. Some of them have written a story about a particular experience that inspired them while living away from home. Others have kept blogs throughout their experience abroad and, as a result, have many stories to tell.

Our hope is to feature stories and images from all Dominican students who study abroad. Studying abroad is a life-changing experience and we wish to celebrate our students' courage, moments of personal and professional growth, and even instances of struggle that have taught them important life lessons.

Submit your stories, photographs, videos and blogs to us and we will feature them in Voices from Abroad. Tell your study abroad story and help current and future Dominican students embark on the same memorable and life-changing path. E-mail us at

Monica Campos Dominican Student

Monica Campos
Class of 2011

"At the park exit is a statue of the A-bomb children that includes a figure of a little girl who passed away from leukemia caused by atomic radiation. She believed that if she could fold 1,000 paper cranes (a symbol of good fortune and long life in Japan) her illness would be cured. She died after making 1,300 paper cranes. Many visitors to the park still make cranes and leave them behind in remembrance."

Monica Campos is a Dominican Political Science student who chose Semester at Sea as her study abroad experience. Read Monica's blog.

Rachel Elliot Abroad in Beijing, China

Rachael Elliott
Class of 2011

"On April 23, 2010, I wrote, “I may be absolutely the luckiest person in the world.” These words were written as our bus drove through the majesty of rural Tibet. The time we spent in Tibet was filled with mixed emotions for me, but every time I found myself surrounded by the natural world, every negative thought vanished from my mind. How can I possibly have pessimistic thoughts when I am standing, unbounded by seemingly endless mountain ranges and blue skies?"

Rachael Elliott is a Dominican/LINES Ballet student who studied abroad in China and traveled around Asia. Read Rachael's story about Tibet.

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