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Returning to Dominican

When you return home to Dominican, you have to make sure your courses from abroad have been recorded.

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  • Check your study abroad transcript information.
  • My study abroad core is not showing up on my degree audit! When courses approved for core credit are posted on your Dominican transcript, the computer does not automatically recognize that they fulfill core requirements. Your degree audit must be updated manually. This process can take up to a few weeks once your study abroad courses have been posted to your transcript.
  • If you need to have your courses evaluated, please contact Dominican's Registrar’s Office at


Returning home

  • Consult "Re-Entry Manual" to prepare and find strategies for overcoming the challenges that come with returning to the United States.
  • Oh, no I’m sick!
    • If you get sick, tell your health care provider that you have traveled abroad. Because some diseases have a long incubation period, you may not be sick until after you return.
    • Schedule a tuberculosis skin test 3 months after your return. If you were exposed to tuberculosis while abroad, you wouldn't necessarily feel sick. Testing is the only way to prevent serious problems later.
    • Finish any immunization series (such as Hepatitis A or B) that you started before you went abroad.


Make Your Study Abroad Experience Count

Share your experiences:

  • Complete the Returnee Evaluation Form. Your feedback will educate future Dominican students and help them choose a program that best matches their interests and needs.
  • Become a "Dominican Study Abroad Alumni " and share your expertise about your program with future study abroad students. Complete the Returnee Diversity Questionnaire.
  • Contribute to The Habit, the student newspaper. Share your story abroad with the Dominican students, faculty, staff and community.
  • Visit classes and speak about your experiences. Contact Kati Anderson Bell, Director of the Global Education Office,  to volunteer your time. You will be invited to visit classes and share your study abroad experiences.
  • Submit your pictures, videos and selected journal entries and we will feature them in Voices from Abroad.

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