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Step 2: Apply to Study Abroad

Students who intend on studying abroad need to meet with the Director of the Global Education Office, Kati Bell, as well as work closely with an academic adviser. Your academic adviser can help ensure that academic credits will transfer and/or apply toward a specific major course of study.

Greetings from GreeceCourses and Credit

It is important to note Dominican will accept units for non-Dominican programs only after a pre-departure approval from your academic adviser has been obtained.

Individual program requirements may vary, but there are options for every academic major. Some programs require a specific level of language proficiency. All require a minimum grade point average. Investigate your options early in your academic career to ensure eligibility and maximum range of options.

Financial Responsibility

The costs of study abroad programs vary depending upon the program selected. The institution of foreign study must be a Title 4-eligible school in order to receive financial aid through Dominican. Information about the Title 4 may be requested from the institution itself.

Federal and state financial aid programs are available to help fund study abroad programs that are approved for credit by Dominican. You may also use private loans to fund your experience.

Unless you are interested in a non-federal loan, you must file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application and the Dominican University of California Financial Aid application in order to apply.

Please contact Dominican's Financial Aid Office for more information:, 415-257-1350.

To apply for Dominican, federal and state financial aid to help with your study abroad program, please review the study abroad financial aid guidelines.


Contact the Financial Aid Office to apply for private, state and federal financial aid to help fund your study abroad experience.  415-257-1350

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