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Getting Started

Congratulations! You're interested in studying abroad. But where would you like to go? Would Paris, France, be more interesting than Florence, Italy? Would living in Thailand be more rewarding than studying abroad in New Zealand? Would studying abroad in an English-speaking country like Ireland or Australia be less challenging? Or are you looking to learn a foreign language, Russian for example?

We know that planning for your study abroad experience can be difficult. There are many things you need to consider: location, language, course credits, tuition, and scholarships. However, we are here to make that process as simple as possible and to assist you through your entire study abroad experience: from applying to living abroad to returning to Dominican.

Get started by doing research on this website. Follow these three steps to applying for study abroad and, when ready, schedule an appointment with us.

Find the Right  Program

Thailand, France, or Argentina. Arrange to study in virtually any country that has an accredited study abroad program. Go abroad for a week or for a year.
Learn about available programs.

Apply to Study Abroad

Start early and plan ahead. Meet with the Associate Director of Study Abroad,Giulia Welch, as well as your academic adviser.
Learn how to apply to study abroad.

Finance Study Abroad

The costs of study abroad programs vary. However, there are many state and federal financial aid programs and scholarships available for you.
Learn how to fund your study abroad experience.

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