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Counselor Territories


To sort this list by "Counselor", "CA Counties", "Other States" or " Last Name Transfer Guide", click on the bold categories at the top of this list.

Counselor     CA Counties     Other States      Last Name Transfer Guide
Sarah Bottger Alameda Iowa A – F
Sarah Bottger Los Angeles Illinois A – F
Sarah Bottger Ventura Indiana A – F
Sarah Bottger Kentucky A – F
Sarah Bottger Michigan A – F
Sarah Bottger Minnesota A – F
Sarah Bottger Missouri A – F
Sarah Bottger Ohio A – F
Sarah Bottger Wisconsin A – F
Josh McCay Alpine Alabama G – L
Josh McCay Amador Arkansas G – L
Josh McCay Butte Arizona G – L
Josh McCay Colusa Florida G – L
Josh McCay Del Norte Georgia G – L
Josh McCay El Dorado Louisiana G – L
Josh McCay Glenn Mississippi G – L
Josh McCay Humboldt North Carolina G – L
Josh McCay Lake New Mexico G – L
Josh McCay Lassen Nevada G – L
Josh McCay Mendocino Oklahoma G – L
Josh McCay Modoc South Carolina G – L
Josh McCay Napa Tennessee G – L
Josh McCay Nevada Texas G – L
Josh McCay Placer G – L
Josh McCay Plumas G – L
Josh McCay Sacramento G – L
Josh McCay Shasta G – L
Josh McCay Sierra G – L
Josh McCay Siskiyou G – L
Josh McCay Solano G – L
Josh McCay Sonoma G – L
Josh McCay Sutter G – L
Josh McCay Tehama G – L
Josh McCay Trinity G – L
Josh McCay Yolo G – L
Josh McCay Yuba G – L
Jesus Ramirez Contra Costa Connecticut M – R
Jesus Ramirez Imperial DC M – R
Jesus Ramirez Orange Delaware M – R
Jesus Ramirez Riverside Massachusetts M – R
Jesus Ramirez San Bernardino Maryland M – R
Jesus Ramirez San Diego Maine M – R
Jesus Ramirez San Francisco New Hampshire M – R
Jesus Ramirez New Jersey M – R
Jesus Ramirez New York M – R
Jesus Ramirez Pennsylvania M – R
Jesus Ramirez Rhode Island M – R
Jesus Ramirez
Virginia M – R
Jesus Ramirez Vermont M – R
Jesus Ramirez West Virginia M – R
Brook Thornberry Calaveras Alaska S – Z
Brook Thornberry Fresno Colorado S – Z
Brook Thornberry Inyo Hawaii S – Z
Brook Thornberry Kern Kansas S – Z
Brook Thornberry Kings Montana S – Z
Brook Thornberry Madera North Dakota S – Z
Brook Thornberry Mariposa Nebraska S – Z
Brook Thornberry Merced South Dakota S – Z
Brook Thornberry Mono Utah S – Z
Brook Thornberry Monterey Wyoming S – Z
Brook Thornberry San Benito S – Z
Brook Thornberry San Joaquin S – Z
Brook Thornberry San Luis Obispo S – Z
Brook Thornberry San Mateo S – Z
Brook Thornberry Santa Barbara S – Z
Brook Thornberry Santa Clara S – Z
Brook Thornberry Santa Cruz S – Z
Brook Thornberry Stanislaus S – Z
Brook Thornberry Tulare S – Z
Brook Thornberry Tuolumne S – Z
Nichelle Passanisi Marin International
Nichelle Passanisi US Citizens living Abroad
Ellen Burns Caparoso
Ellen Burns Caparoso Washington
Ellen Burns Caparoso Idaho

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