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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal Satisfactory Progress Policy

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Federal financial aid regulations require that undergraduate students meet at least a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.70 after their first year of attendance at the University, and maintain a cumulative 2.00 GPA thereafter. University policy requires that undergraduates maintain a cumulative 2.00 throughout all grade levels. Graduate and credential students must maintain a 3.00 or equivalent passing grades.


Successfully Completed Courses

Full-time undergraduate students must successfully complete at least 12 units per semester. Full-time graduate and credential students must successfully complete at least 9 units fall and spring semester and 6 units summer semester. Part-time students must successfully complete at least 75% of units attempted for each academic semester. Course grades of I,F,UF and W represent units attempted, but do not count towards the measure of units satisfactorily completed.


Term Time Limits

Federal financial aid is limited to a maximum of 150% of the timeframe (units) it normally takes to gain the degree. For undergraduate students who entered the University as first-time freshmen, that means federal financial aid is limited to the equivalent of 12 full-time semesters. Graduate, credential, and transfer students have shorter Term Time limits at Dominican, depending on program length and the number of transfer units accepted at Dominican. Units completed at another institution(s) that are accepted toward the student's degree program must count as both attempted and completed units.


Repeat Courses

For federal financial aid purposes, repeat courses are acceptable towards meeting the federal satisfactory GPA standards in a particular semester. However, students should be aware that units from all repeat courses will count toward the overall total when determining the federal Term Time limits.


Period of Review

After the end of each semester, once the registrar has posted grades from the prior semester, the Financial Aid Office will review satisfactory academic progress.


Failure to Meet Federal Satisfactory Progress

Students who do not meet federal progress requirements will receive one automatic academic period of financial aid warning before losing all federal aid eligibility. During this period, the student may continue to receive federal aid. Under federal regulations, this one-time warning period may not be automatically extended. During the warning semester, the student must meet both GPA and minimum number of successfully completed units required to meet the federal standards. Typically, a student that needs to complete a Federal Satisfactory Progress Appeal form has already used up his/her one-semester automatic warning, and thus has lost eligibility for federal aid. This right to appeal provides students with an opportunity to document any extenuating circumstances that may have affected their ability to meet satisfactory progress standards, and the Financial Aid Office may (but is not required to) extend a period of financial aid probation where circumstances warrant.


Re-establishing Financial Aid Eligibility

A student may re-establish their financial aid eligibility. Students who did not meet the minimum GPA requirement for their program can have their financial aid reinstated once their cumulative GPA does meet the the requirement. The minimum GPA for an undergraduate student is a cumulative 2.0 and for a graduate student it is a 3.0.

Students who did not meet the completed courses requirement will need to do so to be reinstated. For instance, a full-time undergraduate student must complete at least 12 units in a single semester with at least a 2.0 and a Graduate student must complete at least 9 units in a single semester with a 3.0. Part-time students need to complete 75% of their units attempted with the program minimum GPA.

Financial aid satisfactory progress appeal decisions are within the jurisdiction of the Financial Aid Office and are final.

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