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Consumer Information

In accordance with federal regulations as set forth by the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, schools are required to provide a list of consumer information to all students enrolled at Dominican University of California. Below you will find the information with either a brief description, link, or location to where the information can be found. If you need assistance obtaining the information or you would like a hard copy, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

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Financial Aid


Career Placement

Dominican University of California is required to provide information on placement of and types of employment obtained by its graduates.  This information can be obtained by Career Services, located on the 3rd floor of the Dominican Heritage and Alumni House.   


Students Furthering Their Education

Dominican University of California is required to provide information on the types of graduate and professional education in which graduates of our 4-year degree programs enrolled.  This information can be obtained from Career Services, located on the 3rd floor of the Dominican Heritage and Alumni House.


Emergency Response Plan

All students are enrolled in the University’s emergency notification system, a program that will send critical information to students in the event of an emergency or a situation on campus. The system is set-up so that once activated, text messages and voice messages are immediately sent out to the campus community with important information. This system is used only in emergencies, but it is critical that students follow the directions and instructions provided by the system. For example, the system will be used to notify students to lock themselves in their rooms or remain inside classrooms (shelter in place situation), or to notify students that the campus has been closed for safety reasons. When situations arise on campus, University personnel or local civil agencies will initiate procedures to inform students of the nature of the situation and steps to follow.
Dominican University notifies and cooperates with the San Rafael Police Department on situations that result in the issuance of a timely warning.


Missing Student Procedure

Dominican University of California has a missing student notification policy. Students have the option of providing confidential contact information for a person to be notified in the event that a student is officially reported as missing. The Residence Hall Emergency Contact Information form is available in the Student Life Office in he Dominican Heritage and Alumni House. Students who registered for housing in the fall should have filled out this form when they moved into campus housing.


Drug/Alcohol Policy and Prevention

Dominican is committed to maintaining a drug-free campus. The full text of the University's policy on drugs and alcohol, including procedures governing disciplinary actions, can be found in the Staff, Faculty, and Student Handbooks. As a member of the Dominican community, you should be aware that you will jeopardize your status here if you use, buy, sell, or in any way help to make available to others any illegal drugs or alcohol. The University’s Alcohol and Drug Policy is included in the Student Handbook and Planner,  and it also is included in the online version of the Student Handbook available at the Dominican University of California website. Information about controlled substances, uses and effects and federal drug trafficking penalties are listed in the current handbook. State and federal laws pertaining to the abuse of alcohol and drugs are described in the handbook. Dominican University of California adheres to these laws.

Dominican University expects its students and other members of the campus community to take personal responsibility for their own conduct, to support those in the community who choose not to drink or take drugs, and to maintain standards of safety on campus.


Pell Eligible Students 

Even though a student's Pell Grant does not credit to the student account until the fourth week of school, a Pell eligible student can request a refund to purchase books and supplies up to 10 days prior to the start of school if the Pell Grant, combined with all the other aid the student is receiving, will create a credit balance on the student account. The student can request an advance of their credit balance from the Business Services Office. 

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