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Course Descriptions

Super Saturdays: Course offerings for November - December , 2013.

"Build It" 

Instructor: Frank Marrero
Grades 2-3-4

We’ll be putting those 21st century learning skills (creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication) to work during this hands-on/minds-on class. Developed originally at SF's Exploratorium: Learn architecture from the inside out. Every Saturday morning is a new level of materials and a challenge -- with enough time to go wild. Both individual and team projects are creative, fun and instructive. 


"Written and Illustrated by..."

Instructor: Nancy Wilson
Grades 4-5-6

Do you dream of writing a book someday? Interested in using your drawing skills to illustrate your ideas? If so, you should know that your someday has just arrived. Join our publishing company and learn how to tap into both sides of your brain. Then use your new-found creative power to not only write but also illustrate an original book in a very short period of time. No pressure -- just lots of fun and excitement (and lots of writing and illustrating).


"Tune Up!"

Instructor: Libby Silvestri
Grades 4-5-6

Song lyrics stuck in your head? Do you find yourself humming and singing to yourself ... and to others? Do you tap your toe or create a momentary percussion instrument out of random items?  Do melodies and song lyrics seem like they are telling your story? Do you use music to express yourself more easily? Thought of writing a song but don't know quite how to get started?  

This workshop will focus on the basic structure of a song, identifying song genres and song themes, explore what makes a song stick in your head, and what makes a song last over decades  - even centuries! 

While checking out terrific songs, both old and current, each session, we will cover songs to make you smile, wonder, and maybe even cry. We'll also explore jingles that make you want to purchase fast food or a life insurance plan.  

We will learn songs, write songs and perform them as well. We will also create a visual illustration of the lyrics to one of your favorite songs. Come get a good tune up to last you a lifetime and increase your musical and lyrical pleasure, appreciation and talents.


"Advanced Rocketry Class"

Instructor: Ron Pembleton 
Grades 6-7-8

Want to propel your rocketry skills to a higher level? It is preferred, but not required, that students have participated in previous Summer Odyssey Rocketry classes or similar activities in the past. Highlights will include more detailed physics investigations (emphasis will be on rocket propulsion and aerodynamics), which will conclude with building more advanced rockets. At the conclusion of the rocketry class, there will be an optional field trip to Moffett Field in the South Bay, where students will launch rockets with other rocketteers from the Bay Area – a great learning and networking opportunity for budding scientists and engineers. 


"Animal Safari Class" 

Instructor: T.C. Moore 
Grades 6-7-8

Ever wanted to go on a Safari? Take an Art Safari, where we will explore animals, their forms and movement. You will learn how to draw and model animals with an emphasis on coat, colors and movement. Highlights will include constructing a phenakistiscopeand a thaumatrope, to see your favorite animals move whenever you wish. This is a great opportunity for you to express your love for animals, as well as increase your understanding of what makes them so fascinating.

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