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Honors Seminars


Honors Seminars fulfill part of the general education curriculum of the University. Taught by faculty across the University, Honors Seminars are small, interdisciplinary, discussion-oriented classes. The small class size allows faculty to stimulate, challenge, and intellectually stretch highly capable students to perform at their highest level. See Student Learning Outcomes for our Honors Seminars.

Examples of Honors Seminars prior to 2013-2014:

  • The Scholar: Biography and Portraiture
  • The World: Issues and Independence
  • The Varieties of Religious Experience: World Views and Practices of the Great Religions
  • Self, Community, and Service: Ethical Theory and Practice
  • Global Health Issues
  • Community Leadership: A Global Perspective
  • Natural Disasters: Societal and Individual Reactions to Risk


Examples of Honors Seminars as of 2013-2014:

    • City as Text (a yearly international travel/study opportunity)
    • FYE: Beauty through the Lens of Big History/Visualizing the Sacred Through the Lens of Big History
    • Moral Philosophy
    • Colloquium: 
      • The Middle Ages- Era of Enduring Relevance: Medieval Art and Medieval Europe
      • Science and Society: Experimental Moral Philosophy and The Ethical Brain
    • Aquatic Ecosystems
    • Bay Area Rocks: Geology of Northern California

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