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Honors Contracts


The Honors Contract enables you to construct a study project in lieu of a course, within a course, or in order to take a graduate course for Honors credit.

Honors contracts are independent projects guided by faculty mentors.  (See Appendix A for the guidelines for faculty mentors of Honors students.)  The contract forms are located outside of Dr. Spain's Office, science center room 100, or can be found online here.

Honors work may not be taken on a pass/fail basis. All Honors Contracts are initiated by the student.  They require completing the Honors Contract paperwork, supplying the supporting documentation and returning them to Dr. Diara Spain by the published deadline. We are limiting the number of contracts each semester, after applications are received. Therefore students who do not meet the deadlines or requirements will not be eligible.

Honors Contract Procedure:

  • Notify Dr. Spain of intent to apply for an Honors Contract
  • Submit your cover sheet with your professor's signature by September 6th for the Fall semester and February 6th for the Spring Semester. No exceptions unless approved by Dr. Diara Spain with a thorough explanation.
    • A week following this deadline, you shall receive and email regarding if you qualified for the Honor's Contract
  • Use the online Google document an input appropriate information. The link will be sent out at the beginning of each semester.
  • You shall receive emails from one of Dr. Spain's Honors Administrative Assistants and are expected to respond within 48 hours. These emails will entail:
  • The deadline of your assignment 
  • A summary of your project & photo showing a passion of yours for the Honors Contract Flier. 
    • If all requirements are not met your Honors Contracts will not be accepted. 

    The Honors Director informs the student of approval of the Honors Contract or suggests necessary changes.A binder marked "Past Honors Contracts" containing successful and complete Honors contracts is available for your review in the office of the Honors Director.

    There are three types of Honors Projects, each of which requires the completion of an Honors Contract:

    1. Independent Study (an independent course of study with a faculty member focused on a topic that is not part of the standard curriculum or independent travel that focuses on a course of study and is monitored by a faculty member.)

    2. Course-Conversion (taking a course offered in the regular curriculum, electing not to expand the unit total, but working with the instructor to transform the course requirements into a project(s) that further promotes the student's initiative and creativity and thereby designating the course as Honors on the transcript.)

    3. Graduate Course (An undergraduate student enrolls in a graduate course with approval of the instructor and the graduate program coordinator.)

    The Honors Contract Process

    The Honors Contract process involves five steps:

    1. Developing your project idea and finding a faculty mentor.
    2. Writing your contract and submitting to the Honors Director office.
    3. Once accepted, working on your project (research, writing, etc.) and meeting periodically with your mentor (outside of class time)
    4. Submitting your final product to your mentor and the Honors Director's office.
    5. Completing your self-evaluation form, attending the end of the semester’s Honors conference, and being evaluated by your mentor.

    The Contract is an important document: it becomes part of your Honors folder and speaks to the quality and commitment of your work better than anything else can.

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