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Honors Board


The Honors Program is administered by an Honors Board consisting of the Director, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Honors Administrative Assistant, faculty members representing each school, and the Honors Senior Representative. The Board is responsible for the selection and advisement of Honors students, the assessment of Honors contracts and credits, the maintenance of academic standards for Honors work, and for other governance, policy-setting and curriculum development for the Honors Program.


Dr. Diara Spain

Diara Spain, PhD
Honors Program Director

Margaret Fink, PhD
Margaret Fink
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Mojgan Behmand
Mojgan Behmand
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Matt Davis, PhD
Matt Davis
Professor of Psychology

Jacob Massoud
Jacob Massoud
Professor of Business & Leadership Studies

Thomas Burke
Thomas Burke
Professor of Humanities

Student Leadership Roles within the Program

Newsletter Editor:

 Sophia De Quattro
Sophia Dequatro

Public Relations and Events:

Danielle Flordeliza 
Danielle Flordeliza
Matthew Erbst
Matthew Erbst

    Student Ambassador Representative:

    Chris McConnell
    Chris McConnell

    Class Representatives 2013-2014:

    Senior: Monica Arroliga
    Junior: Jennifer Chappell
    Revised Jennifer Chappell
    Sophomore: Irene Wilson
    Irene Wilson

    Freshman: Haja Mondisa
    Revised Haja Mondisa

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