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Dominican's Service-Learning Academic Mentoring Program – a collaboration between Marin County Community School, Pheonix Academy and Dominican to develop a structured academic enrichment program to help raise self-esteem and confidence of marginalized populations of teens.

Empowering Youth Mentoring Program



The goal [of service-learning] is to grow, to mature, to expand your scope of existence and to find pleasure in learning outside the traditional classroom. Service-learning is a give and take, a tug-of-war, a sharing experience. I spent two hours a week for an entire semester pushing, pulling, giving, taking, simply bartering knowledge with a group of the most unsuspecting teachers.---Katie (Dominican Service-Learner at MCCS)

MCCS/PA Student body

  • Ranges from 7th to 12th grade
  • Demonstrates need for small, highly supportive, and closely supervised educational environment.
  • PA is the only free adolescent drug treatment program available in this county



Learning goals for Dominican students

  • Connect with MCCS/PA students in groups and one-on-one sessions focused on improving academic skills and passing the high school exit exam
  • Enrich course content
  • Broaden view of the world/break down stereotypes
  • Understand core social issues
  • Foster social awareness/responsibility and active citizenship





Service-Learning Student Leaders at MCCS:

We have awarded service-learning scholarships to Jasmine Martinez and Kendra Woodglass who serve as Student Leaders at MCCS. They are liaisons between Dominican students, MCCS students and teachers, and the Service-Learning Dept. They also conduct tutor trainings, maintain tutor schedules, chair monthly meetings, and support Dominican Tutors.






"The simple act of sharing time and skills with young people who need extra help has monumental consequences for the future of these students. Do you want to change a life? Read with a child, volunteer to be a tutor, donate equipment or financial resources to Marin County School Volunteers. Your effort can save two lives, the student's and yours."

--Mary Jane Burke
Marin County Superintendent of Schools

Voices from the Inside Out: Struggles, Strengths, and Stories of Marin County Community School.

What Dominican students are saying about their experience at MCCS

At County Community, I was able to be an escape for students. I provided them with the academic help they needed as well as a listening ear; I was able to build trust with, and encourage them to dream about their future and make plans.  In return, they opened my eyes to deeper problems in the community, and encouraged me to strive for dreams to help the community once I graduate from college.  I am aiming to be a lawyer once I finish school, and the social issues that County Community deals with are the types of issues I want to reform and fix. County Community helped me find my calling in my area of studies. ---Janelle

A few months ago (while tutoring a MCCS student in English), I was going over the word “have”. To give a few examples, I said, “I have clothing. I have a book. I have a pencil...” Then I asked him, “What do you have?” He paused. At first, I thought that he did not understand what I meant, but then I realized he was thinking. Finally, he responded, “I have my life. That's all I have.” ---Kate

This program was made possible, in part, by a Service-Learning Grant from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board.

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