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Google Email (gmail)

Student email hosted by google.


Dominican provides each student with a Google email (GMail) account. The GMail accounts are set up so that the address appears just like a regular Dominican email address.



GreenMBA Special Features

All Green MBA Students receive an additional emailbox that is valid for life.  Green MBA Students are responsible for managing both of their mailboxes, their @Students.Dominican.Edu AND as various communications will go to each.  We recommend setting up one mailbox to automatically forward to the other.


Some specific facts about the service

  • The url to access email is
  • Your username is your Dominican Penguin Pass Student ID and your password is your Penguin Pass password.
  • Each user gets over 6GB of storage.
  • Advertisements have been disabled.


Finding other Dominican students' email addresses

You can find other Dominican students' email addresses inside GMail. Currently, to search other student's addresses, you need to click on "Compose Mail" first, and then click on "Choose from contacts". Type part of the name to search for their address. You can add them to your contacts from this screen if you want to build up a personal contacts list.


  1. In your mail account, click on Compose Mail.
  2. Click on Choose from contacts below the To: field to bring up your shared address book.
  3. In the pop-up window, you'll see a list labeled Most Contacted, which contains your most frequently used contacts. To see a list of all your personal contacts, click on All Contacted. To send to people on these lists, simply click on all the contacts you want to send to to add them to the To: field below. Note: These lists are both propagated from your personal contacts. If your account is new, these lists may be empty.
  4. To send to a user at your domain who isn't included in your personal contacts list, simply type the first few letters of their first name, last name, or username into the search box. You can also search for a nickname or email list. When your desired contact appears, click on the name to add that contact to the To: field.
  5. When you've added all the contacts you wish to send to, click Done to compose and send your message to the selected contacts.
  6. Once you've sent to a contact from your shared address book, they'll be added to your contacts list. The next time you want to send them a message, their email address will auto-complete as you begin to type it.



Detailed Help

Accessing gmail from the iPhone

  1. On your iPhone use the web browser and go to
  2. Log in and you'll get the gmail mobile version 
  3. After you log in, save the site to your bookmarks
  4. 'Add to Home Screen' and then email is just one touch away.

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