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Library Liaisons & Information Literacy Instruction

Library faculty are available to provide custom information literacy and research skills instruction sessions to individual classes throughout the year.  Sessions usually run one hour and can be conducted in your classroom or in one of the library’s computer classrooms.

While you can always contact any library staff member, we invite you to contact your liaison who is more familiar with your department and your needs to receive the best service.

What your Liaison can do for you

"Your presentation was an incredible confidence builder in that it created a strong backbone to hold us up as we become emotionally immersed in writing about our life experiences."  LeonaGD, Dominican Student
  • Keep you updated about library services, resources, and policies.
  • Convey your concerns and requests to the Library.
  • Support your research interests by locating and recommending relevant information resources (print and electronic).
  • Provide you with resource guides tailored to your course(s) including books, journals, online databases, audio/visual material, and Internet resources.
  • Work with you to expand the Library collection to make it more pertinent to the learning and teaching needs of your program.
  • Offer you one-on-one consultation.
  • Help you in identifying resources needed for your course(s).
  • Collaborate with you to integrate information literacy in your coursework.
  • Provide in-class guest lectures to introduce your students to basic library skills.
  • Provide tailored training sessions based upon discipline or course to your students


Regarding Guest Lectures

  • Contact your Library liaison for in-depth Library collaboration on courses and assignments; in doing so you may not need to take time from class . 
  • The primary instructor must attend the session. Students take the need for good research techniques more seriously if the instructor is present and engaged.
  • Avoid requesting a session for the first week of class. Students need to understand the course requirements and assignments before launching into research.
  • Contact your liaison at least 1-2 weeks prior to the session.
  • Connect the session to the information literacy outcomes for a particular assignment.
  • Unless the sessions requires hands instruction or has an assignment that needs to be completed in class, guest lectures will take place in your classroom.  Sessions in computer labs are not guaranteed.


Library Liaisons

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