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General Procedures

General Information and Procedures Summary    Fall 2005

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is published by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. This calendar lists all faculty meetings and special events related to faculty. It is updated periodically and is available online at

Athletic Events Passes and Scheduled Games

Admission to athletic events is free with your Dominican ID card. Please feel free to attend athletic events whenever possible. A schedule of events will be distributed in you mailbox.

Audio Visual Equipment in Classrooms

Classroom in Guzman, Alemany Library, the Science Building and Angelico are Smart Classrooms. These rooms are equipped with LCD projectors, DVD/VCR's and classroom provided PC's. For all other classrooms on campus, please contact the Library  circulation desk at 485-3251 to arrange for audiovisual equipment,  including overhead and slide projectors, LCDs and projection screens.

Book Orders

To support sustainability issues, we are now accepting book adoptions on-line.

The one-time Store Issued Password is 211. While Adoption order forms in the past were placed in your mailroom mailbox two months prior to the beginning of each semester, this will not happen anymore. The Administrative Assistants of each department will be notified of cutoff dates for each semester via e-mail. Also please be aware that excess books are returned to the publisher after the third week of class, so be sure your students know to buy them or place them on hold. If a particular book is being used in the latter part of the semester, please inform the Bookstore Manager in the beginning of the semester, so that these books are not sent back prematurely. Please note that if a book is listed as required on the edoption form and is later changed to a  recommended selection after we have received the book, that information will be shared with your  Department Head.

Bookstore General Information

  • Manager: Steven Deresh
  • Assistant Manager: Shirley Cano 
  • Phone: 415.485.3213
  • Location: Fanjeaux Hall 
  • Email:


Copyright Laws

You should keep in mind that legal restrictions exist for photocopying and distributing copyrighted materials. A summary of the Copyright Act, a public law that defines the rights of a copyright holder, can be found in the Faculty Handbook. Both you and the University may be found liable if copyrighted materials are used improperly. If you have any questions regarding the Copyright Act, please contact Alan Schut, Director of Collections and Cataloging, 458-3703.

Please consider how many copies are made for the course. If it is a substantial amount, you will need to alert your students on your syllabus that there will be a charge for photocopied materials.  Please contact Purchasing at 485-3297 for details.

Faculty Offices and Voice Mail

Shared office space is assigned to adjunct faculty on a space available basis. Contact your Dean for more information. Voice mailboxes or direct extensions are assigned to adjuncts by request only. Please contact Jane Droogsma, HelpDesk Manager, 458-3736, to arrange for your voice mailbox. The telephone directory is available on the intranet. You may also use the public directory (see "search people" in upper right of site, just under the search box.)

Final Exams

Instructors are not required to give final examinations, although they must use final examination week in some way that promotes the goals of the course or assesses student progress toward these goals. (For this reason, final examinations may not be given prior to examination week.) Examples of some alternatives to a final examination are a final paper or project due during examination week, oral examinations or individual conferences scheduled for examination week. Regular classes cannot be held during examination week or during the break day that precedes examination week in the spring semester.

Identification Cards

Dominican identification cards are available from the Information Technology Department in Bishop Alemany Library, 257-0123.  You will need your photo ID card to check out library materials, receive reduced rates at University events, or to use University recreational facilities. The Library will affix a bar code for Library use.


Faculty mail is delivered into the departments mailbox located in the Mailroom (Bertrand Basement). Both on-campus and external mail are distributed to these boxes by 11:30 a.m. each school day. Outgoing mail should be stamped and/or coded and placed in outgoing mail slot in the Mailroom by 3:30 p.m. The mailroom is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Office Hours

Faculty are expected to be available for students one hour per week for every 3-unit course taught during that semester, possibly adjacent to the class time. For evening courses, office hours may be offered by appointment. These dates and times should be included on your course syllabus. Please send your dean a copy of your syllabus so that this information is available for assistance to students. Informal meetings with students help to create a true university community, but are not a substitute for office hours.


The main parking lot for the University is located on Grand Avenue at Acacia Avenue in the Conlan Recreation Center lot. The lot is lighted for night use. Campus security patrols the lot at regular intervals, and personal escorts from campus buildings to the lot are available by calling campus security at 415-269-6070. Limited permit parking is also permitted in several other designated lots and legal curbside locations. Parking is not allowed at a red curb, in a driveway or fire lane, in a pedestrian walkway or path, on a lawn or other landscaped area, in spaces marked for Guest Use, or in the Caleruega Dining Hall parking lot between the hours of 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. A vehicle parked in a space reserved for the handicapped must display the appropriate license plate or windshield placard.

Dominican is located in a residential neighborhood; campus users are responsible for obeying speed limits and traffic signs, and for parking in legal parking spaces only. All vehicles that are parked in violation of the campus and/or San Rafael parking regulations will be towed at the owner’s expense. Facilities Services or the City of San Rafael may notify you of illegal parking with a warning or a ticket.

Parking Permits

A parking permit is required to park on campus anywhere other than the Conlan Recreation Center lot, including Magnolia and Acacia Avenues.  The lot next to Angelico Hall is reserved for use only by faculty and staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Faculty may obtain a permit at no charge after showing proof of employment at Dominican and completing the application form.  Proof of employment is a Dominican ID card or class roster and driver’s license.


For small copying jobs (1-25 copies), please use the copy machines located in either Guzman or Bertrand Halls. Your Dean’s office will issue you a five-digit access code for these machines along with a budget limit.  High-volume copy jobs (more than 25 copies) and specialized copying projects should be taken to the Administrative Services Center (ASC) located in the Mailroom.  Allow two to four days for large projects to be completed. When placing an order for copying, please complete a Photocopying and Purchasing Department Requisition Form, on which you should include specifications for the copying job, including color of paper, double-sided, stapled, or cut. Also indicate if you want to be called when the job is ready and/or need the photocopies by a certain date and time. Unless you specify another delivery location, such as your mailbox or your department, all completed photocopies will be left for you on the bookcase near the mailboxes. To copy personal documents, use the coin-operated copiers in the Library, Guzman, and Bertrand.


Contact your Department Chair if classroom or office supplies need to be ordered for the department or for a specific course.

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