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Course Evaluation Instructions

The Information Technology Department is responsible for managing the course evaluation system. This page explains the key facts about how the system works. All policies and procedures have been designed and approved by Faculty Affairs and Academic Affairs.

General Facts on How the System Works

  • Course evaluations are done online.
  • Students receive an email message with a url and a password. By going to the url and entering the password they can complete the surveys from any computer with internet access.
  • The system insures that surveys remain anonymous. Although the system knows what students did not complete a survey, it is impossible to systematically determine which survey a given student completed.
  • Our Blackboard system now has the ability to show outstanding course evaluations for all students. So if a student has an uncompleted course evaluation they will see it on their home page when they log into Blackboard.

Data that Drives the System

  • Courses with an enrollment over 3 students will get a course evaluation.
  • Courses with the following Course Numbers will NOT get a course evaluation as they are capstones or independent study courses.
    • 2999
    • 4999
    • 4994
    • 4996
    • 4992
    • 5180
    • 5280
    • 5380
    • 5199
    • 5299
    • 5399
  • All course information for evaluations (ID, course name, instructor, start date, end date, rosters,...) comes from PowerCampus. The Dean Assistants and the Registrar office are responsible for the accuracy of the course information in PowerCampus.
  • For legal reasons the end date of a class in PowerCampus includes the finals period. So if the last scheduled day of class is December 1, and finals for that course end December 8, the end date for the course in PowerCampus will be December 8.
  • All course information used to generate the course evaluations is accessible to faculty in their online class rosters.
  • Faculty should always check their class rosters to insure that the start and end dates are accurate as these dates are critical to the process of when evaluations are opened and closed.

The Key Dates

  • All course evaluations are created in the course evaluation system 24 days before the end date for the course. Any changes in the class roster after that date will not be reflected in the course evaluation. So if a student drops a class 2 days before the last day of the class, they will still receive a course evaluation.
  • For courses that are more than 2 weeks long:
    • Course evaluations are sent to all students 21 days before the end date for the course.
    • Course evaluations are open for 14 days.
    • Course evaluation reminders are sent 3 days after the course evaluation is first sent out to any student who has not yet completed their survey.
    • Course evaluation reminders are sent every two days thereafter until the evaluation is completed or the survey is closed.
    • Course evaluations are closed one week before the end date of the course.
  • For courses that are less than two weeks long:
    • Course Evaluations are sent out after the start of the class.
    • Course Evaluations are closed one week after the end date of the course.
  • If a faculty member would like to have their course evaluation open past the last day of classes they can send an email to and request to keep the survey open longer.


  • All surveys are sent from
  • The IT Department will monitor the mailbox and respond to questions and problems.
  • The first business day of the new year and the first business day after Commencement, IT will send out class evaluations results to the faculty.
  • The Dean's Assistants are responsible for distributing the course evaluation results to the department chairs and the Deans.



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