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Adjunct Faculty Rank

Professorial Level Ranks for Long-term Adjunct Faculty
2/25/05 Provost’s Council Approved

The purpose of the policy is to recognize part-time faculty who have distinguished themselves through years of outstanding service to the University.

Adjunct faculty are non-tenure track faculty who usually teach less than 12 units per semester.  Their responsibilities are primarily teaching and any additional activities in support of the University are voluntary.

Adjunct faculty who have demonstrated excellence in their teaching and have the academic background, scholarship and experience comparable to full-time faculty, are frequently offered contracts each semester.

Adjunct faculty who have taught at least 30 units (summer teaching included) and have 5 years of service, not necessarily continuous, are eligible to be considered for rank above instructor. 

  • Assistant Adjunct Professor - minimum requirement is Masters degree
  • Associate Adjunct Professor - minimum requirement is Doctoral degree or terminal degree as determined by the University
  • Adjunct Professor – above requirements plus significant contribution to the discipline

Faculty to be considered for the adjunct ranks listed above must be nominated by the Chair of the department for which he or she primarily teaches. The nomination will then be forwarded to the Dean. Rank will be awarded by the Provost upon recommendation of the Dean and in consideration of education, scholarship, and experience.

Adjunct faculty at the above ranks are not eligible for tenure or sabbaticals.

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