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Adjunct Faculty

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Proposed Regulations for the Adjunct Forum

The Adjunct Forum is an advisory body whose primary purpose is to make the perspectives and needs of the part-time faculty known to the Faculty Forum, the Provost, and the university community at large. The Adjunct Forum also provides an opportunity for the Provost on behalf of the university to communicate concerns to the adjuncts.

The adjunct faculty forum is self-governing and normally meets at the beginning of each semester. At the fall meeting the forum 1) welcomes new adjuncts to the university, 2) elects a chairperson for the academic year, 3) nominates individuals for election to serve as representatives to the Faculty Forum, and 3a) bi-annually nominates a member for election to the Faculty Affairs Committee. Normally, the Provost is invited to speak and answer questions at the Adjunct Forum.


The Forum is composed of all faculty who teach part-time in any fall or spring semester of an academic year. Accordingly, a faculty member who teaches only one semester in a given year may still participate and vote the other semester.


Each year, two representatives shall be elected to the Faculty Forum, in which they will have voting rights, for one-year terms. Every other year, one member shall be elected to the Faculty Affairs Committee for a two-year term. Elections shall be held online. All part-time faculty, regardless of the number of units taught in a given semester, shall have voting rights. Full-time faculty shall also vote for the adjunct member of the Faculty Affairs Committee, since members of the FAC represent the entire faculty body; however, nominations for the adjunct member to the FAC shall have originated in the Adjunct Faculty Forum.


It is understood that while all part-time or adjunct faculty will have the right to vote and attend the Adjunct Faculty Forum, it is unlikely that all such faculty will be able to attend the meetings or will choose to exercise the right to vote. Therefore, whoever attends the meetings and/or whoever chooses to vote shall provide the necessary quorum.

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