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Student Health Plan

Healthcare coverage in the Dominican Student Health Plan is mandatory for students who are enrolled in six units or more. Students may waive coverage if they can provide proof of healthcare coverage through another domestic plan.

Student Health Plan - Aetna Student Health Plan - Effective Fall 2014


Quick Facts about Dominican's Student Health Plan:

  • What is the Dominican Student Health Plan?

It is a medical PPO plan through Aetna

  • How do students become eligible for the the health coverage?

All students who are enrolled in six units or more each semester are eligible.

  • Can the plan also cover dependents?

At this time, Aetna does not offer coverage to dependents.

  • When do students have to enroll/waive the coverage?

Students must enroll/waive coverage during the Fall open enrollment period (from July 1st to September 21st) or in the Spring open enrollment period (from December 1st to February 21st) depending on when they start attending Dominican University of CA.

  • How often do students need to enroll/waive the coverage?

Students must enroll or waive their Student Health Plan coverage annually.  So, for example, if students enroll/waive in the Fall, they do not have to enroll/waive till the next Fall. 

  • Can students who waive coverage during one semester still enroll for coverage the following semester?

Students who waive the coverage during the Fall semester, for example, can enroll for coverage during the Spring open enrollment period which runs from December 1st to February 21st, and vice versa. They will only be billed for the semesters in which they are enrolled.

  • How are students billed for the coverage?

The plan's costs are divided into two parts, with one portion of the cost reflected on the student's Fall Dominican account balance and the other reflected on the student's Spring Dominican account balance.  Account balances can be seen on Dominican's self-service website, under the 'Finances' tab.

  • How long does the medical coverage last?

 It runs a full year. Please refer to for information about coverage during the breaks and the summer months.

How students enroll or waive the coverage:


Students are responsible to either enroll or waive coverage in the Health Plan by September 21st of each school year. They may make changes to their plan during the Spring enrollment period. Students on the Ukiah campus are exempt from the requirement. 

Go to 

    1. Enter "Dominican University" in the Find Your School field.
    2. Click the "Enroll/Waive: Student Health Insurance Plan" link
    3. Log on to the Aetna Student Health Plan site using your 9-digit student number starting with zeros. (Example: If your student ID number is 123456, you will use 000123456 to log in.)


Additional Information:

  • Students must maintain enrollment of at least six units each semester to keep health insurance for the entire school year.
  • Students who provide proof of medical insurance from another domestic plan and complete the waiver by September 21st of current school year will have the charge for medical insurance reversed from their student account.
  • A health care kiosk is located in the Business Services Office (Bertrand 103) to assist students in enrolling or waiving medical coverage.

Remember: Charges are nonrefundable AFTER September 21st of each school year. 


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