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Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics provides students with a broad foundation of knowledge in the chemical and physical sciences, preparing them for further study in a wide range of graduate programs, teacher credential programs, entry-level careers in government or private environmental organizations, and professional programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary, optometry, physical therapy, nursing, and related paramedical careers.

Students will learn fundamental chemistry concepts and hone their ability to reason through problems, investigate topics in depth, and communicate their findings to others.

Having research as a fundamental part of the curriculum provides the opportunity to apply what you have learned in class as well as to acquire a more in-depth understanding; to discover not only nature, but also your capabilities and interests; and to gain experience that gives you a fair advantage - wherever you may go, whatever you may do.

—Diana Hallare, Class of 2007

 2014-2016 Catalog



Research and Internships

Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in active research projects, thereby gaining valuable hands-on experience in research methodology, problem solving, and intellectual discovery. The department provides internships in career-related areas to further engage students in the active learning process. Students planning to pursue a graduate degree are strongly urged to study an international language.

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