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MS in Biological Sciences Graduate Work

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Spring 2013 MS Biology Thesis Work

Natural Products Affect Age-associated Protein Aggregation in C. elgans Model.
by Milena Price
Advisor: Dr. Gordon Lithgow (Buck Institute)

An Analysis of Macrophage-derived Inflammatory Response in the Presence of Glycosaminoglycans: A Possible Clue on the Role of Inflammation in the Pathogenesis of Morquio A.
by Heather Drew
Advisor: Dr. Michael Vellard (formerly from Bio Marin)

Dual mTOR/HDAC Inhibition: Preclinical Development of a Novel Breast Cancer Therapy.
by Mariya Yevtushenko
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Benz (Buck Institute)

Developing In Vitro Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-based Models for a Systemic Study of MPS IVA.
by Guadalupe Sierra
Advisor: Dr. Michael Vellard (formerly from Bio Marin)

Investigating the Genetic Mechanisms Responsible for Dietary Restriction-Dependent Lifespan Extension in Drosophila.
by Jennika Krisa
Advisor: Dr. Pankaj Kapahi (Buck Institute)

Investigating the Interactions Between Circadian Rhythms and Dietary Restriction.
by Timothy Camarella
Advisor: Dr. Pankaj Kapahi (Buck Institute)

Neurogenesis and Neuroprotection in Huntington Disease
by Bachir Hadid
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Ellerby (Buck Institute)

Stem Cell-Derived Neuroendocrine Cells as an In Vitro Model for Investigating Endocrine Disruption
by Monia Zagzoog
Advisor: Dr. Mohammed el Majdoubi (Dominican University)

Application of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Platform to Study Metabolism and Epigenetic Control of Metabolism.
by Kylie Mitchell
Advisor: Dr. Dale Bredesen (Buck Institute)

Mutations in Parkin (pdr-1) Increases Reproductive Fitness in C. Elegans
by Tracy Barhydt
Advisor: Dr. Julie Andersen (Buck Institute)

Enzyme Kinetics of Recombitant Human Arylsulfatase B(rhASB)
by Katherine Cunico
Advisor: Dr. Erno Pungor (Bio Marin)

Published Graduates

Four Master students from Dominican joined the Bredesen lab as part of their Master research studies. The research work which featured their contributions was published in the prestigious journal PNAS. You will notice that all four students namely Alex Patent, Sonia Flores, Gaby Cailing and Brittany Philpot are co-authors on this study. The PNAS paper received wide publicity in the press as well.

PNAS Paper



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