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NORS-DUC Committees

Executive Committee                                Steering Committee                     

  Forestry Committee                            Nursery and Floriculture Committee                          Research Committee 


Executive Committee Purpose and Mission

The Executive committee will be ultimately responsible for implementing the activities that occur at the NORS-DUC.  The research that occurs there will have national and international implications and the limited resources available at NORS-DUC must be strategically managed. 

The Executive committee will review the recommendations from the NORS-DUC Steering committee on research projects and site management and make management decisions for the NORS-DUC. These decisions will take into account the short-, intermediate- and long-term goals of the National Ornamentals Research Site.  


NORS-DUC Executive Committee

  • Russ Bulluck, USDA APHIS PPQ Representative and ADODR
  • Aurelio Posadas, NPB Representative

Steering Committee Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to work with Executive Committee to establish overall priorities and provide general direction and management by identifying and implementing research that supports the general purpose of the project. The primary role is to identify and prioritize research proposals and confirm conformity to safeguards and permit requirements.

The Steering Committee will provide recommendations for the oversight and direction of the site and will work in concert with the Research Committee. The Research Committee will suggest experimental design, review experiments and guarantee a broad national research support base. The participants on the committee will represent regulatory agencies, the nursery industry and P. ramorum research scientists.

NORS-DUC Steering Committee

The Steering committee consists of representatives of the nursery industry, forestry, regulatory and research which represents the NORS-DUC governance structure.  It is encumbent upon them to meet with their peers in their respective fields to obtain input and guidance regarding NORS-DUC direction.

  • Kathy Kosta,  Steering Committee Chair
  • Susan Frankel, USDA Forest Service
  • XXXXXXX, Chair of Research Committee
  • Craig J. Regelbrugge, ANLA, Chair of Nursery and Floriculture Committee
  • Karen Suslow, NORS Program Manager

    Forestry Committee

    This committee will provide technical assistance to the NORS-DUC staff and collaborators related to sudden oak death and other wildland aspects of Phytophthora ramorum.  The participants will interface with other NORS-DUC committees and provide recommendations to the Steering Committee on other emerging, damaging forest pathogen or insect concerns that could be best addressed at NORS-DUC.

    • Susan Frankel, USDA FS, Chair
    • Mark Stanley, CDF
    • Everett Hansen, OSU
    • Steve Oak, USDA FS
    • Bruce Moltzen USDA FS
    • Alison Forrestel, National Park Service (Pt. Reyes)
    • Dave Rizzo, UCDavis

    Research Committee

    The committee will insure that the objectives and mission of NORS-DUC are aligned with the chosen projects goals. Immediate responsibilities are to determine how to announce calls for proposals, prepare a nursery research list to send to scientists likely to submit a request for proposal (RFP), and identify the criteria for evaluating the proposals.

    • XXXXXXXXX, Chair
    • Mary Palm, USDA APHIS PPQ
    • Mark Teffeau, HRI
    • Wolfgang Schweigkofler, DUC
    • Susan Frankel, USDA FS
    • Mike Benson, North Carolina State University
    • Cheryl Blomquist, CDFA
    • John Inman, Fera Defra

      Nursery and Floriculture Committee

      This committee will provide recommendations from nursery associations nationally and from Canada on P. ramorum research opportunities as well as on new and emerging pests and pathogens of concern to the nursery industry.

      • Craig Regelbrugge, ANLA
      • Shane Sela, CFIA
      • Lin Schmale, SAF
      • XXXXXXXXX, The Nature Conservancy
      • Alan Inman, Fera Defra

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