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About the Department

The NTSM program provides students with an understanding of the fundamental concepts of scientific method, laboratory techniques, the ability to use scientific literature, and sensitivity to the interrelationship between science and human values.


About the Department

A few years ago, Dominican launched an ambitious campaign to expand its science program. While the sciences are essential to the liberal arts education Dominican offers all students, the University wanted to add more opportunities for students pursuing careers in science and medicine. For these undergraduates, the opportunity to take part in scientific research and gain professional credentials could help determine their choice of career, which advanced degree to pursue, and even where they gain admission for graduate study.

Mission Statement

  • Offering high quality academic programs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics that prepare students for entrance into professional and graduate schools, immediate employment in a wide range of careers in the natural sciences, or career enhancement
  • Infusing technology into all courses
  • Maintaining standards for teaching and learning that support personal and intellectual growth
  • Engaging students in a culture of critical thinking and scholarly inquiry
  • Emphasizing the connections between scientific knowledge and professional practice and knowledge of the liberal arts
  • Providing experiences that enhance multicultural understanding, global awareness, and environmental responsibility
  • Seeking extramural funding to enhance the academic programs
  • Reflecting diversity in our staff, faculty, students, and course offerings



"After a while, you stop seeing a professor at the front of the classroom. Instead, you see a friend who wants to help you succeed and achieve your best." 

—Rocky Chavez, Class of 2005

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