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Public Health (BS, Minor) Course Descriptions


Note: This program includes course requirements from more than one discipline.  For complete course descriptions for this major/minor, refer to each discipline within this Catalog. 

PH 2000 Human Health and Disease (3 units)

Introduction to theories and concepts related to human health and disease including the nature of infectious and chronic disease, social and behavioral aspects of disease and opportunities for promoting and protecting health across the lifespan. 3 lecture hours.

PH 2001/3001 Foundations of Public Health (3 units)

Content and scope of public health; public health in historic and modern perspective; health and social and behavioral sciences; morbidity and mortality; determinants, burdens and interventions; maternal and child health; health promotion and ethics of health professionals. 3 lecture hours.

PH 2999 Independent Study (1-3 unit)

Directed reading/study on specialized topics. PH 4999 also available for Upper Division credit. Contract required.

PH 3100 Principles of Global Health (3 units)

Framework for understanding and improving health at a population level; health and socio-economic development, demographics, biological, behavioral, environmental, geographic, and socio-economic forces; organization and function of health systems in developing and developed countries, including the links between health systems and population health, comparative health systems, and health system change. 3 lecture hours.

PH 3110 Multicultural Perspectives in Health (3 units)

Focus on building a broader perspective of the health care needs of the increasingly diverse population in the U.S. Investigation of issues related to culture, ethnicity, racism, age and socioeconomic forces that affect health needs, beliefs, and expectations related to health care and health outcomes and health disparities. Reading and activities contribute to the development of cultural competence and cultural humility.

PH 3200 Health Delivery Systems, Health Organizations (3 units)

Payment and health financing; interface of public health and acute care systems; relationship between health reform and public health; institutional structure of health care delivery systems, including Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance; role of health professions in public health and acute care delivery. 3 lecture hours.

PH 3201 Health Policy, Politics and Law (3 units)

Understanding of institutions of government, and the impact of government on public health and health care services in the U.S., including Constitutional issues (quarantine v. individual freedom, etc); federalism and intergovernmental relations; health politics and impact on health policy; current issues in health reform, and their impact on public health; role of advocacy organizations in political change. 3 lecture hours.

PH 3300 Principles of Health Education and Promotion (3 units)

Introduction to the principles and concepts of health promotion and disease prevention; role of education and the health educator in public health practice settings; foundations of health promotion, communicating health concepts to the public, focus on strategies for developing health messages for specific populations. 3 lecture hours.

PH 3400 Health Data Analysis (3 units)

Identification, retrieval and use of health data, with emphasis on statistical applications and interpretation of results; role of health data in changing policy, behavior, and health outcomes. 3 lecture hours.

PH 3500 Health Communication (3 units)

Course focuses on health communication theories and research, the role of communication in shaping professional health care messages and public acceptance of these messages. Course work will include technical and professional writing and the use of mass media and electronic technology. 3 lecture hours.

PH 4101 Public Health Program Planning and Administration (3 units)

Public health programming models, including community needs assessment, goals, objectives, and strategies for effective health interventions; organization and administration of health programs. 3 lecture hours.

PH 4102 Public Health Program Evaluation (3 units)

Quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods in public health. 3 lecture hours.

PH 4200 Contemporary Health Problems (3 units)

Course will focus on applying a public health perspective on specific health topics. Topic choice can vary to reflect faculty expertise, community needs, and student demand. Examples of contemporary topics include healthy aging, maternal and child health, substance abuse, obesity, health disparities. 3 lecture hours.

PH 4300 Public Health Careers (1 unit)

A survey of careers in the field of Public Health. 1 lecture hour.

PH 4701 Senior Thesis (3 units)

The thesis demonstrates a synthesis of experiences in the public health program and achievement of the program objectives. It is a community-based project that reflects the interest of the student, addressing an actual or potential public health issue within the scope of professional practice. 3 lecture hours.

PH 4996 Internship: Public Health (2-4 units) 

Students are required to complete two internships of approximately 90 hours each; 180 hours total (4 units) for the major. May be repeated for additional credit. Contract required.

PH 4999 Independent Study (1-3 unit)

Directed reading/study on specialized topics. Contract required.


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