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About Public Health


For over 100 years, the field of public health has served as an important foundation for the promotion and protection of health - locally, nationally, and globally. While clinical health professionals such as doctors and nurses work to treat illness and injury once they have occurred, public health is focused on preventing problems from happening or re-occurring through the administration of prevention services, health education and promotion, policy development and regulation, and research.  Today’s public health professionals participate in essential services that protect and improve the health of entire populations ranging from small local neighborhoods to entire countries.

Until recently, most public health training programs were offered at the graduate level. However there is a growing undergraduate public health movement fueled by a national call for changes to our healthcare system to increase efforts toward chronic disease prevention and health promotion.    

Students who graduate from the Dominican Public Health Program will be prepared to enter a variety of health-related fields or pursue graduate education in public health or other specific health professions.  The program also provides room for a concentration or minor in another area to allow students to prepare for other disciplines such as business, law, or public policy.



The undergraduate public health movement is focused on preparing both a public health workforce to meet future job demands, and better educated citizens who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to enhance their own well being as well as protect our nation’s health.

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