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Community Practice Labs

In spring 2012, occupational therapy students in Psychosocial Aspects of Occupation completed the third successful “Get Results Workshop: Strategies for Finding and Keeping a Job” for Buckelew Employment Services (BES) clients. BES is located in Marin County and offers a comprehensive approach to finding and maintaining employment for persons diagnosed with mental illness.


"My clinical instructor was an excellent role model, who was instrumental in making fieldwork a great experience. She was extremely knowledgeable, approachable. and always gave me great feedback.  She was a fabulous supervisor."

This collaborative program between the occupational therapy program and BES is located on Dominican University’s beautiful campus and is run by Amy Rogers, OTR/L, who is also the Assistant Program Director for BES, and Janis Davis, PhD, OTR/L, Associate Professor of OT at Dominican University, specialist in mental health.

"I am leading an OT work readiness group and I have an OT Task Group.  My supervisor is really great.  I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I’m learning so much and have gotten much more comfortable in my role and my ability as an OT.”

Students are mentored by a licensed occupational therapist. In this community practice lab, students have the opportunity to assess the cognitive functioning of participants, lead socialization, exercise, and craft groups, and interact one on one with participants. Students and participants from BES enjoy the opportunity to learn from one another.

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