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Letter from the Chair

“I fell in love with occupational therapy!” These are words I often hear when I’m meeting with prospective students and asking them why they want to be occupational therapists. Often, students tell of a family member or a friend with a disability who benefited from the expertise of an occupational therapist, and they explain that they are hoping to do the same for somebody else.


As a profession, occupational therapy has until fairly recently been a well-kept secret. I like to think of it as the “Swiss army knife” profession: whatever your health needs may be, chances are an occupational therapist can help you. Whether preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, helping with stress management, offering adaptive gardening techniques to a person with arthritis, or helping a young person with a disability attend college, occupational therapists are experts in practical solutions to everyday challenges.

Our students come from all academic backgrounds. They have a strong desire to help others lead healthy lives, regardless of age or ability level. Our students may have explored other health professions, but have found their passion in occupational therapy. They feel they have the “just right” mix of strong academic skills and outgoing personality traits to become effective therapists.

If you think you might be one of those people—energetic, creative, confident, curious, compassionate, driven to excel and willing to work hard—this is the program for you. You will enter a rigorous course of study in a nationally accredited program and earn a graduate degree that will enable you to become a licensed health professional.

You will study with experts in the field, have opportunities to complete internships at prestigious institutions, and complete research studies that are published and presented locally and nationally. And of course, you will complete your studies on the beautiful Dominican campus, and have access to all the academic, cultural, and recreational resources we have to offer.

I hope you will learn more about us and our program as you review this website, and I look forward to meeting you soon!


Ruth Ramsey
OT Program Director and Department Chair
Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy

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