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For Prospective Students

The Nursing Department believes that nursing is a great career for you to be entering at this time. Students are admitted to the university as Pre-nursing majors and are tracked based on their completion of 8 prerequisite courses, GPA in these prerequisites, and are required to go through a competitive review process in order to be admitted to the Nursing program.

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Minimum Entrance Requirements

In order to be accepted into the Nursing program, students must pass (or have in progress) all eight prerequisite classes with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (a 'C-' grade is not considered passing). Students cannot repeat previously passed (‘C’ or higher) prerequisite courses in order to raise their GPA to be eligible to enter the Nursing program (exception: repeated courses that were initially taken more than five years ago). Students who have failed two or more required classes (prerequisite, co-requisite, or Nursing) are disqualified from being eligible for the Nursing program (the minimum passing grade in NURS/NURL classes is C+). Furthermore, before entering the Nursing program, all students must be medically cleared in order to ensure the safety and well-being of patients encountered in the clinical setting. Please note: The TEAS is NOT required for admission to the Nursing program.

Prerequisite and BSN Requirements -- A list of the eight prerequisite courses and all courses required for the BSN degree.

The priority deadline for fall 2015 admission to the Pre-nursing major was Feb. 1. Please contact the Office of Admissions to find out if they are still accepting applications.

Admission Process for Transfer Students

Transfer students should declare Nursing on their general application to the university. 

All students will go through a competitive selection process primarily based on prerequisite gpa. It is recommended that all eight prerequisites be completed (or in progress) at the time of application to the program. 

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Office of Admissions (415-485-3204). If you have questions about requirements specific to the Nursing program, please contact Erin Aradi, Student Services Administrator, at

Please note: Transfer students who have failed two or more required classes for the major (within the last 5 years) or those who have been disqualified from another Nursing program are not eligible for admission to the Nursing major.

*If you are a student whose nursing education was obtained outside of the U.S. and you have been informed by the Board of Registered Nursing that you must take certain nursing courses in order to sit for the NCLEX licensing exam in California, please contact Jody Hoppe ( in the Office of Admissions.*

Transferable Courses from Other Colleges and Universities

Before applying make sure to check out our transfer course equivalency chart to see whether your classes satisfy the university's Nursing prerequisite requirements. We also have general education articulation agreements with many Bay Area community colleges.

High School Students

The following high school classes are considered minimum preparation for the college-level science classes required for Nursing majors:

  • 2 years college preparatory  math -- algebra, geometry, etc.
  • 1 year of biology
  • 1 year of chemistry

Four-Year Guarantee for Freshmen

The four year guarantee does not apply to Nursing majors.

LVN to RN (No space is currently available)

In compliance with the regulations of the California Board of Registered Nursing, Dominican University of California offers an LVN to RN option plan for LVN's who are currently licensed in California and who wish to prepare only for licensure as a registered nurse in California. Upon successful completion of the required courses, the student is eligible to take the NCLEX-RN Examination for licensure. This program does not lead to a BSN and licensure may not be recognized in all states. 

The LVN to RN option is 30.5 units and is open to students on a space by space basis. In order to enter clinical nursing classes, students must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and have completed Microbiology and Human Physiology (with a grade of C or better).

LVN's who are interested in the BSN program must enter as pre-nursing students.

NCLEX Pass Rates

For information regarding Dominican's most recent pass rates on the NCLEX, please refer to the California Board of Registered Nursing website.

Clinical Lab Fee

Clinical lab fees become part of students’ tuition expenses once they enter the Nursing program (i.e., Second Year Nursing) and continue until graduation. These fees help sustain the successful operation of the Skills Lab, Assessment Lab, and Simulation Labs where students spend over 200 hours learning and refining the mandatory skills for patient care. Specifically, they support the cost of purchasing equipment and supplies; training actors for practicing clinical scenarios; maintenance and/or replacement of high-fidelity and low-fidelity equipment; repair and maintenance of the recording systems; implementation and maintenance of the electronic medical records system; and all other materials essential to developing the laboratories into simulated hospital environments and optimal learning experiences.


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