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Nursing Skills Laboratory

The Nursing Skills Lab at Dominican serves as a significant learning resource environment for the Department of Nursing. Located in the Martin de Porres building, we have open lab hours 5 days a week for students to practice independently, peer-to-peer, faculty-to-student, or with a skills lab assistant. The lab provides an atmosphere to learn and begin to transfer nursing skills to “real world” clinical settings.

About Nursing Lab

Dominican Nursing Student 1The learning of nursing skills in a laboratory is an essential part of the curriculum. It is here that students are introduced to skills, concepts and procedures that they then take into their clinical settings.

Prior to caring for patients, students get to practice in the lab first where they become familiar and safe with nursing care before caring for patients in the hospital or community setting.

Students come to the Nursing Skills lab to practice basic and advanced nursing skills during faculty supervised classes/demonstrations and independent practice time. Our Nursing Skills Lab includes 6 patient beds with functional head walls units that are equipped with suction and “oxygen” which is actually just air for manikins!  Practice ranges from simple bed making to advanced skills that would be used in an intensive care setting.  

In addition to practicing Nursing Skills in the lab, students often come in to work on the computers or to watch videos that augment the information in their text. The Nursing Skills Lab is a Smart Classroom equipped with Internet access to projected display.  Instructors and students alike can project their classroom materials via PowerPoint or locate information on the internet to be projected and used in class. During open lab hours, there is always a Nursing Skills Lab Manager or Nursing Skills Lab Assistant to help students with any skills, math or general nursing knowledge. Nursing Students find the Nursing Skills Lab a welcome place to gather and to study. 

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