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Nursing Simulation Laboratory

Dominican’s nursing students are benefiting from cutting edge training with their participation in the Nursing Simulation Program using a state-of-the-art simulation laboratory. The movement toward using simulation has flourished as many academic institutions and health care delivery centers institute simulation programs in the US and internationally.


Training in clinical decision-making in the Nursing Simulation Program is well-integrated into the DUoC Nursing Curriculum. This integration works toward the goal of producing nursing students that can deliver safer and more competent nursing care as they enter an increasingly complex and challenging work environment in today’s health care delivery system. The DUoC Nursing Simulation Program has been in operation since September 2006 and has provided over 1100 student learning sessions/events through the simulation laboratory since February 2007.

Deceptively simple scenarios dealing with effective communication among nurses, patients and their families and/or the other members of the health care team provide the opportunity to discover and practice navigating difficult ethical, unsafe or emotionally charged situations in a realistic, but protected, learning environment.

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