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Susan Adams, RN, NP, PhD

Katherine Aldrich, RN, MSN, PhD, CNS, CCRN

Anna Alexander, RN, MSN

Julie Anderson, PhD

Kimberly Anderson, RN

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD

Asma Asyyed, MD

Eileen Auerbach, MS, OTR/L


Ann Baechler, RN, PHN, MSN

Nicol Barnett, RN, BSN, PHN, MBA, DHSc

Kathleen Beebe, RNC, PhD

Christopher Benz, MD

Kiowa Bower, PhD

Martin Brand, PhD

Dale Bredesen, MD

Alicia Bright, MS, RN, CNS, AHN-BC

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Dian Calkins

Christina Campbell, EdD, RN, CNS

Judith Campisi, PhD

Dorn Carranza, PhD

Maria Carranza, PhD

Olivia Catolico, PhD, MS, RN, BC

Yun-Hwan Cha, PhD
Vania Coelho, PhD

Douglas Cooper, PhD

Roland Cooper, PhD

Leslie Crane, BS, RN

Lynda Creighton, RsyNP, CNS, RN

James Cunningham, PhD

Catherine Cyr, RN, BSN, MPA/HSA

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Debbie Daunt, MSN, RN

Janis Davis, PhD, OTR

Robin Dawson, MSN, RN

Barbara DeBaun, RN, MSN, CIC

Charleen Deo, RN

Ernesto Diaz, MS

Tara Dikeman, M.Ed., OT/L

Nejat Duzgunes, PhD

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Mohammed El Majdoubi, PhD

Lisa Ellerby, PhD


Mary Feeney, RN

Joanne Figone, MA, OTR

Margaret Fink, EdD, RN, BC

Paul Fitzpatrick, PhD

Stacy Frauwirth, MS, OTR/L

Kenneth  Frost, PhD


Barbara Ganley, PhD

Judithe Gantz

Bradford Gibson, PhD

Matthew Gill, PhD

Linda Green, PhD

David Greenburg, PhD


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Gloria Haddad, RN, MSN, CNS

Faranak Haghighi, RN, MSN, CNS

Cathryn Halford, MSN, RN, CNS

Barbara Hall, RN, MSN, CNS

Marea Hargreaves, RN, CNOR

Patricia Harris

Cynthia Haydon

Johathan Heller, PhD


Eileen Jensen, RN, FNP, MSN

Janyll Jesswani-Birmingham, BSN, RN

Kunlin Jin, PhD

Warren Joeffler

Mary Katherine Johansson, PhD

Sheila Johnson-Brousseau, PhD

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Leonard Kania, RN

Pankaj Kapahi, PhD

Melisa Kaye, MS, OTR/L

Brian Kennedy, PhD

Heather Kerrigan, RN

Kathryn Kim, RN

William King, PhD

Eira Klich-Heart, MSN, RN, CNS

Mietek Kolipinski, PhD

Karole Kurnow, MS


Susan LeBlanc, MS, OTR/L

Margaret Levine, PhD

Kitsum, Li, OTD, OTR/L

Luanne Linnard-Palmer, RN, MSN, OCN

Gordon Lithgow, PhD

Lynne LoPresto, MS, RD

Maggie Louie, PhD

Victoria Lunyak, PhD


Ray Mariella, PhD

Thais Mazur, MS, OTR

Jennifer McAdam, PhD

Rose Mccarthy, RN

Jessica McConnell, RN

Sean McNeal, RN

Scott Meehl, RN

Simon Melov, PhD

Balsamo Monika

Sean Mooney, PhD


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Corinna Neustaetter, RN, MSN, FNP

Kathy Nguyen, MD

David Nicholls, PhD


Krisylea Ojeda, PhD


Ivana Pereira-Ambrose, MSN, RN

Alice Pevyhouse, MS

Karen Pitbladdo, MS, OTR/L, CHT

Susan Pixley, MS, MTS

Dawn Pizzini, BSN

Anne Poore, NP, NR, MSN

Kathy Prows, MSN, FNP, IBCLC


Emily Ragan, PhD

Krista Ramey, MSN, RN, CNS

Ruth Ramsey, MS, OTR

Rammohan Rao, PhD

Nancy Rasmussen, PHN, CCE, BSN

Laura Roche, RN

Aric Rogers, PhD

Lisa Romero, RN, BSN, MS, CLNC


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Vanitha Sampath, PhD

Susan Schwartz, MPA, OTR, FAOTA

Mary Sevigny, PhD

Sara Shain, Dr.PH

Kimberly A. Shankel, BSN

Ingrid Sheets, EdD, MS, RN-BC, CNS

Jean Snyder

Stephanie Sommer, MSN, RN

Diara Spain, PhD

Shad St. Louis, OTR/L, CDRS

Mani Subramanian, PhD

C. John Suen, Sc.D


Mary Tappan

Indra Thadani, RN, MS

Patresia Thomas, MSN, RN


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Teresa Upson, MS, BSN


Deborah Vance, RN, MSN

Gordon Vehar, PhD

Michael Vellard, PhD


Aubrey Wade, RN, MSN

Leandra Wallace, BSN, RN

Barbara Walsh, RN, MS, ND

Rachael Webster, PhD

June Wilson, PhD

Cindy Wong, PhD


Amy Young, MS


Xianmin Zen, PhD


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