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MS in Education plus Education Specialist: Level II Mild/Moderate Credential

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The Education Specialist: Level II Mild/Moderate Credential Program is designed for Level I credential holders to complete the professional induction program. This teacher preparation program culminates in a MS in Education, Curriculum and Instruction degree. Dominican’s Education Specialist: Level II courses are organized into three developmental phases:

Phase I – Creating a Plan

Each of the two first courses (EDUC 5401, 5403) initiates and solidifies the collaborative relationship among the candidate, the University advisor, and the district support provider through the development of the Professional Clear Induction Plan and the Professional Development Portfolio. During this phase, the candidate must also identify, with assistance from his/her employer and the University advisor, an experienced district support provider within the first 120 days of employment. EDUC 5403, Advanced Curriculum and Instruction, completes the first phase of the Clear program with advanced training in a variety of curricular areas that addresses the individual needs of students with mild/moderate disabilities.

Phase II – Establishing an Interest

Each of the three courses that comprise Phase II (EDUC 5404, 5405, 5406) are designed to move candidates toward professional competency in the areas of advanced assessment, behavioral support, and current issues and practices in special education. Candidates are expected to use the knowledge and skills acquired from these courses as a guide as they establish their areas of individual professional specialization.

Phase III – Assuming Leadership

The last course in the clear program, Professional Summative Seminar (EDUC 5407) is a course in which candidates work with the University director and district support provider to evaluate and finalize the candidate’s Induction Plan Activities and the Professional Development Portfolio.

Course Sequence

Program Details

  • Education Specialist programs follow a transition (part-time) course sequence format.
  • Classes are generally held in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Field work in the schools takes place during the regular school day.
  • For the most current requirements and policies as well as for course descriptions please refer to our online catalog.

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